How State Smoking Bans Effect Smokers, Are E Cigarettes Really Helping Smokers?

There are some points to be considered as to how state smoking bans are effecting smokers, and how e cigarettes are helping smokers avoid the bans. This has become a subject of controversial and heated discussions, but the fact remains that smokers are abiding by local requirements for non-smoking areas. Others who are not smokers insist that this is not enough. Tobacco smoking now falls under the clean air laws, and smokers are finding alternatives that work for them.

When legislature got in on making laws against public smoking, it quickly caused smokers to feel as if they had been labeled as Third Class Citizens. People who have never been addicted to any type of nicotine product need to understand that it is not just the drug that is addictive. The physical actions of the act of smoking are just as habit forming.

Such terms as “habit forming” are quite misleading because the nicotine addiction is not a habit. That addiction can occur from inhaling the very first puff of a cigarette, and is as strong an addiction as heroine. The “habit” falls under the heading of a physical involvement with the products that only adds to the difficulty of trying to quit smoking.

There is a new product which offers hope for solving both sides of the issue of smoking, and it is called the e-cigarette. This device has none of the thousands of harmful chemicals being released from it which are part of the debate over conventional smoking. University research has indicated that when a person inhales the vapor from an e-cigarette there is no measurable amount of nicotine found in their blood stream. This makes the e-cigarette a viable possibility for smokers to still have their physical habits of the smoking act.

Prohibition failed to stop people from making, selling, and drinking alcohol. There is no evidence that prohibiting people from smoking in public will ever cause them to break the addiction to nicotine, or the physical habit of smoking. Legislature will continue to attempt clean environment laws, which include smoke-free environments for publicly attended places, but no law can break an addiction to nicotine.

The product known as the e-cigarette offers hope to millions of smokers that a possible compromise may already exist. They do not deliver nicotine in the form of second hand smoke. These electronic cigarettes use an e-liquid which has flavors that taste like cigarettes, and produce a smokeless vapor cloud.

The ingredients used in e-liquids do not include any of the thousands of harmful chemicals found in traditional smoking tobacco products. They are heralded to be a source of nicotine which only the smoker is likely to inhale. If university research has shown that no nicotine actually ends up in the ‘smokers’ blood stream, then the e-cigarette is the perfect solution to helping people stop smoking. Non-smokers will also be protected from any harmful chemicals.

There are many people who smoke, and have no desire to stop. The e-cigarette is the alternative they have been looking for. Other smokers have started with the e-cig as a means of getting rid of the nicotine addiction, succeeded in quitting smoking, and then quit using the e-cig. Most users feel as if they are still smoking a real cigarette, but without the second hand smoke harming other people.

How state smoking bans are effecting smokers, and how e cigarettes are helping smokers avoid the bans is very simple. These electronic cigarettes provide the perfect solution to both sides of the issue, and allow smokers to continue until they choose to quit. Those who object to smoking anywhere will not even notice any smell that resembles that of a cigarette, or be exposed to harmful chemicals.

With all of those state smoking bans beginning, we can’t see how any smoker will survive in public. This is when the e cigarette comes in handy. Besides, this is the safe alternative to smoking.

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