How Positive Affirmation Can Produce Beneficial Change

We use affirmations all the time, but usually we’re not even conscious of it – they seem to operate under the radar of our awareness, repetitively running in the background and producing the same old results, dictating what we can and can’t experience. Repetition of a thought is one way in which we form beliefs, and once they’re in place, our mind will run them on auto pilot so that we can focus our attention elsewhere. Learning to drive a car is a good example of this – when first learning, our attention goes on high alert as our mind has to process all the components that go into driving a car safely. After several months of practicing, we start to feel comfortable driving and as we enjoy more success, our confidence is bolstered and we start to believe that we are indeed a competent driver. Soon the thoughts and actions required to drive are habitual, and our mind is now free to drive and think of other things. This is same way in which affirmations create results in our behavior, emotions and actions, both positively and negatively.

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Why do I share this with you? Through all the laughs, disappointment and sorrow I’ve learned: We can use the power of our feelings to build a stronger, happier, positive life. I’ve also discovered a secret way to facilitate this process: affirmations.How Affirmations Work.As you may or may not know, affirmations are simple exercises that can tap you into this positive, creative part of yourself. It’s the place that’s free from your ego (you know it: the ego is the leaky tire in constant need of being filled from outside sources).

You can take action right now to get the results you consciously desire in any area of your life by applying the following key points to produce effective, measurable results in your daily affirmation practices: Be persistent and be consistent. According to many surveys taken of participants of self-improvement programs, when citing a lack of success in achieving their goals, they also admitted to a lack of consistent practice. This simple key is fundamental to success – considering how many years we spend on developing, refining and polishing our beliefs and assumptions about what we can’t do, is it really logical to assume that a reversal of perception is going to occur after 4 or 5 attempts? No; so please, when trying to change a habit or develop more esteem or land the perfect job, give it some time and attention. Research tells us it takes 21 – 28 days to develop a new habit, so give your goals and affirmations a minimum of 21 days before deciding on its effectiveness.

If at first your affirmations feel awkward, forced or phony – that’s good! Any feelings of discomfort means that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone (fear), you’re creating inner change and ruffling the feathers of your ego self, who wants to keep you safe. Safety to the ego self is maintaining the status quo – no changes allowed. So please appreciate what’s really happening and use it as fuel to gain momentum; you can use the feelings and thoughts about your discomfort to create a new, empowering affirmation for yourself! The discomfort will dissolve once you get into a daily rhythm and develop some confidence. Do it anyways. At the beginning of your exercises, don’t worry about whether you believe your affirmations or not, the effectiveness is in the repetition. Belief in your statements will develop as a result of the repetition and meaning you give your affirmations, so choose wisely. Any resistance that you experience, including thoughts about what nonsense all this new age stuff is, are excuses to keep you safe and free from change. Resistance is also an opportunity for you to break out of the conditioned responses of the past – try being open and see the opportunity in learning something new about yourself; you may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover inside!

Get clear and get motivated. The clearer your visions and the greater the motivation, the better your chances will be of success in achieving your goals. Get all the components of your ideal life down on paper and be bold in your dreams – amass a mountain of reasons about why you must accomplish your goals; write down all of what it will cost you if you don’t pursue your vision and all the joy that will result from their achievement. Put your goals and reasons in point form on a 3″ x 5″ recipe card and read it often; before bed, upon waking and throughout the day. Create affirmations that show these goals and capture the zest of your motivations, and move yourself towards your goals with a plan to realize it. Take any and all action that you think will take you a step closer to what you desire.And let go of “how” it’s going to happen; that’s out of your jurisdiction so don’t waste any time fretting, worrying or stewing about “how” or “what if” – your Higher Power has your back so learn to trust, go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

If you have heard that positive affirmations can change your life for the better, you are more than likely quite intrigued by the possibilities that exist. You can use the power of the law of attraction to bring more money to yourself. You can use it to help attract love, and you can use it to expand your knowledge of how the universe works to a level you may have never thought imaginable. Here are some tips for putting the law of attraction to use within your own life.

For women, challenging some of the old cultural/tribal beliefs is particularly revealing and empowering as it affects change not only within ourselves, but also has a trickle down effect for new generations. As we challenge, release and replace old limiting beliefs about the roles women were historically assigned to play, we live and teach the new beliefs to those that come after us. For example, a tribal belief within my family and heritage was that the men were the breadwinners and the women were the housekeepers… for a woman to be happy, she had to find and marry “a good man” who would provide her with security, a nice home and a certain level of comfort; and in exchange, she would raise the kids, cook, clean and manage the household. This formula is great if that’s what you want; however, in this family, a lesbian career woman with no interest in raising children would experience a certain amount of conflict between the traditional family beliefs and her personal desires.The payoff in challenging old beliefs is that we discover that it is our power of decision that liberates us from the restrictions of the past and it is our power of decision now that creates a new future to our liking. And limiting beliefs about traditional feminine roles contain great material for creating positive affirmations for women to work with in manifesting the results they desire – usually, what we desire is pretty much the opposite of the belief we want to drop, so use the old belief and reword it for the positive outcome you desire.

Once we’ve established that certain customs and beliefs are no longer valid, we can release them and all of the influence they have on our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and consciously choose what we believe to be true for us now. Once released, we can now also give the events of the past a new meaning and choose to see any and all conditions as being for our benefit, including the added dimension of defining new roles for women in the 21st century.Affirm as if it’s already done. The reason for this is because our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the concept of time – to the subconscious, everything is now, there is no “later” or “yesterday”. Be bold, be simple and be clear with your wording; always affirm using positive words in the present tense (not future tense). I.e. “I am now speaking with power and confidence in the office meetings.” contains the result of what you’re striving for versus “I will learn to speak with power and confidence in the office meetings.” The second example is unclear as it leaves the outcome in the future and dilutes the goal to learning to speak up.

Take a moment today to focus on what you need to heal. Continue to apply the affirmation process. I think you will find it to be a powerful tool. Remember: Affirm, take action and “wait the results in peace.” For it is as one of my favorite spiritual councilors, Iyanla Vanzant, says: “You don’t get what you ask for, you get what you believe.”

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