How Do I Know If I Have Heart Disease?

Heart disease is often accompanied with various signs and signs. But the most widespread signs and signs of a heart disease includes

* upper body pain or upper body discomfort: higher body pain means any pain, pressure, numbness that occurs in the chest, neck or higher abdomen. This is also accompanied with pain in the jaw, arms or head. The chest pain or discomfort may occur for less than a moment to days or weeks.

* Heart palpitations: It is one of the very prevalent indications of heart disease. Palpitations means uncommon consciousness of the heart beat. It occurs as pause in the heart beat followed by a strong beat or irregular heartbeats. people who experience palpitations may have some type of cardiac arrhythmias.

* Light headedness or dizziness: This is a very prevalent cause for many diseases like anaemia, dehydration, viral infection, liver and kidney problems, vascular and neurological problems and heart problems like dysautonomias, vasovagal episodes, heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias. Since many medical condition creates this kind of indicators, particular person experiencing Light headedness or dizziness should be immediately consult a physician and go for a complete well being examination.

* Fainting or loss of consciousness (syncope): It is a sudden and temporary loss of consciousness. This is not considered as a serious condition as it is knowledged by almost everyone in their life time. But sometimes it may cause life threatening circumstances, so when syncope happens it is essential to find out the cause. The leads to of syncope may be neurologic, metabolic, vasomotor and cardiac and among these, only cardiac syncope leads to sudden death.

* Fatigue, lethargy, sleepiness: Sleep disturbances are very prevalent with patients suffering from heart disease. Fatigue and lethargy are common signs of heart problems but they are not specific to heart diseases, as it may happen with patients getting disorders in other organs in the body.

* Shortness of breath of air: It is a very common indicator of cardiac or lung disorders. Patients suffering from heart failure and coronary artery disease also practical experience shortness of breath. Cardiac arrhythmias and pericardial diseases also cause shortness of breath.

A human being suffering from heart disease may not practical experience all the signs and warning signs. Also sometimes the signs or symptoms may not be severe. Women tend to expertise less signs than men.

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