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San Diego chiropractors manipulate the spine using their hands and other forms of treatment. They use the theory that through proper alignment of musculoskeletal structures of the body, more so the spine, the body is able to heal itself without requiring surgery or any forms of medication. Manipulation is used for restoration of ability of joints to move when their mobility is restricted by tissue injury. Such injuries may be caused by traumatic events like falling or repetitive stress.

The primary use of chiropractic is as an alternative treatment for pain relief in connective tissues, muscles, bones and joints. Connective tissues include tendons, cartilage and ligaments. There are instances when chiropractic is used in conjunction with conventional treatment options. Chiropractors are identified by the initials DC and have undergraduate degrees. In addition, they have to spend four more years in chiropractic college.

Most chiropractors have additional training in specific exercise therapy and physical rehabilitation. There is also the use of nutritional analysis, acupuncture and herbal therapy. Upon graduation from college, they are required to pass an exam before they can get licensed. It is only through licensing that they are allowed to practice.

The treatment process involves adjusting bones and joints in the spine. This is possible through movements such as pulling, twisting and pushing. For purposes of relaxing muscles before doing spinal adjustment, some chiropractors use heat, electrical stimulation or ultrasound.

Adjusting the spine is able to be achieved through many ways. For example fingers and hands can be used to apply pressure to facilitate slight movement of vertebrae beyond their normal motion range. Treatment is also possible through twisting the head, hips and shoulders carefully. There are other options such as using conditioning exercises, relaxation therapy, ice, corsets or braces and biofeedback. Some specialists also use x-rays to perform diagnosis.

The safety level of chiropractic procedures is guaranteed but there are side effects that one should be aware of. One should ask the chiropractor about the risks. The side effects of treatment include discomfort after the adjustment procedure, fatigue and headaches. However, most of these side effects go away after just one day. By working together with medical doctors, chiropractors ensure the modes of treatment chosen works effectively.

For persons that have never experienced chiropractic care, it would not be strange to get worried the first time they go for treatment. For those that seek to relieve low back pain, the treatment is safe, simple and painless. During the first visit, the medical history of the patient will be needed. The doctor will ask several questions to obtain this. Among other things, they will want to know if the patient has ever had migraines, plus seeking to know their general diet.

San Diego chiropractors need to be carefully chosen. Fortunately, medical doctors refer their patients to the best professionals. The chosen chiropractor should be gentle and be able to use slow, manual techniques. Whenever there is need, they should refer their patients to other specialists. For even better results, they need to work hand in hand with medical doctors and other health professionals.

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