Healthy Eating Choices Plus Exercise – The Key to Weight Loss

There seems to be a whole fascination for skinny these days, although the reasons may not always be related to health. We see fashion models walking the walk with near-anorexic figures, and they probably don’t even think of health when they skip a meal as part of their starvation diets. On the other side, we see obese individuals trying desperately to keep their weight in control, and then ending up still obese. If you’re anywhere in the spectrum of people who would like to lose weight, whether five or fifty pounds, keep your approach to the core. Make healthy eating choices, couple it with exercise, and you’ll be on your way.

Let’s begin with some energy math. Part of your chances of success in trying to lose weight has something to do with energy. You lose weight when the amount of energy you take in from the food you eat exceeds the amount of energy you need to move about. If you keep accumulating energy from the food you eat more than what you expend through your daily activities, you are bound to gain weight. If the amount you take in equals the amount you release through physical movement, your weight stays normal. But if you eat foods that give you lower energy than what you need for your physical activities, that’s the time and the only time you lose weight. The key, therefore, is to keep your high-energy food consumption low and your physical activities high. This is a classic trick that has always worked for those who have starting to make healthy eating choices en route to weight loss.

Yet again, losing weight can become difficult when you cannot seem to rein in your appetite and continue to eat high-energy foods. You may consider starving yourself, but this can only make you feel deprived and prone to binging. If anything, this can mean the end of your weight loss resolve. Another key to effective weight loss then is to continue eating delicious food, but only those that are not fattening. This is how healthy eating choices come in. You can make your food less fattening by either choosing to eat non-fattening foods, or cutting the amount of what you might call “sinful” foods into small, healthy portions. Yes, you don’t always have to skip the dessert, for example. Just choose a dessert that won’t make you fat. You don’t have to skip beef, if that’s your favorite meat in the world. You just have to choose a less fattening way of preparing it. You don’t have to skip your favorite triple decker bacon-melt cheeseburger for life. Just maybe make it a single decker, or half a single decker.

As soon as you start making those healthy eating choices, you won’t even have to struggle with the changes because you’ll soon realize how good it will make you feel. Of course, to hasten your weight loss, you’d like to start getting more physically active. This combination is an infallible universal weight loss equation that has always worked.

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