Green Tea And How It Affects The Metabolism

Green tea is a liquid that man has been drinking for many thousands of years. Mainly used in Asia, green tea has grown widely in popularity in the United States over the past few decades. People are beginning to notice the advantages of drinking a hot liquid that not only gives you a nice boost of energy, but is also considered healthy as well.

Coffee is usually preferred in the morning, but reports have been mixed as to the long term health effects of coffee on the body. Green tea, however, appears to have no long term complications when used in moderation. Conversely, it actually shows to have metabolism boosting capabilities as well as fat burning capabilities which piques the interest of the majority in our current era.

What precisely is the metabolism? It is a term you hear regularly one that the general public can’t actually define clearly. In simple terms the metabolism is the totoal sum of all chemical reactions that occur in the body. This comprises a huge range of processes and reactions that occur in the body involving literally tens of thousands of different chemicals.

Boosting your metabolism typically involves a rise in certain chemical or physical processes in the body, which brings about an overall boost to the metabolism. With green tea, the studies show that it actually raises the metabolic rate in such a fashion that fat burning usually transpires due to one main action.

What action is this? It’s green tea’s large concetration of catechins, also known as polyphenols. Green tea has 3 main catechins which research has demonstrated to raise the body’s fat burning capability. The technical reason for this is because catechins hold back an enzyme known as catechol-O-methyltranferase, which reduces the body’s main fat burning hormone called norepinephrine. So green tea is able to help the body burn through its stores of fat by blocking the action of a specific enzyme.

Green tea fat metabolizer is a concentrated form of green tea polyphenols that’s in supplement form. Beauty slimming tea is another method people use to kick start the body’s fat burning action.

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