Functions Of A Patient Advocate In The Society

Provision of patient advocacy services is undoubtedly one of the fastest emerging careers. The institution of a patient advocate has been reinforced by international media and reports. It is a field that has caught the interest of medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, social workers and even entrepreneurs keen on venturing in to a new market niche. The wide scope of advocacy services has made all these have a role to play as a advocate among patients.

The health care system, irrespective of the country you hail from, has become extremely tenuous that patients have to find an intermediary between themselves and the health provider. Doctors and nurses are not sufficient anymore to help us navigate through the many problems in the system. Professional private advocates become the best option for patients.

Advocates may help you in way like pursuing insurance claims, helping you understand a disease and its treatment or may even monitor your progress from home. Medical advocacy remains one of the most important type of advocacy in determining the outcome of a medical process.

They are conspicuously present during the interactions between the ill individual and the doctor and may seek further clarification on behalf of the sick person regarding the medical process. They also offer advisory opinion especially when the client has to make a tough decision or occasionally be with you in the health centers to ensure you get the best services, the right medication or even ensure you are not prone to infection in the hospital.

It is the role of every expert to help the patient move around. In fact the society has left the duty of moving the ageing sick to nursing home upon them. They are highly qualified personnel and know there work. They see to it that the old that are sick in the society get to nursing homes successfully and also help in payment whenever need arises.

The advocate while acting as a link between the client and the health care provider should ensure that the two sides are furnished with all the vital information. The client needs to be aware of the rules and procedures that have been set by the health care provider. On the other hand, the later needs to have relevant information such as previous health problems of the patient. This promotes quick recovery of the sick individual hence to it that the whole medical process runs smoothly without any strains.

Currently an advocate does not need any special license to work in this field. However, Institutions are offering training and certificate program-mes for those in this field. They do this through organizing workshops. Legal knowledge is however indispensable as one is required to adhere to the various legislation and rules that has been established. It is therefore incumbent upon the advocate to educate him or her.

Personal skills are very necessary in the delivery of these services. In fact those persons who are caring, empathetic and can put themselves in the shoes of their clients are the best in this field. A family member, a child, a spouse or even a chaplain may play the role of an advocate. Services of professionals such as doctors or nurses may also be sought.

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