Fulfilling Your Bucket List Needs Commitment

Bucket lists are no longer the preserve of people who are ill. The idea of putting personal dreams down on a list of things you want to achieve before you die was initially designed as a motivational tool for patients. It gave them goals to focus on and strive to reach. Helping them reach their goals was often supported by family and medical personnel. It is a process that allows you to set yourself goals that you can commit to achieving over a period of time by fulfilling your bucket list.

Individuals can set one goal or twenty, and some will include many more on their list. Once you start to reach more than ten or twelve goals, it can be much harder to keep yourself motivated to continue. A range of tasks with varying complexity, means you can start with one of the simpler tasks which will help to motivate you to tackle a more difficult goal.

Again, there are no hard and fast rules about timescales for completing any tasks. However, you may find it helpful if you can say that you want to complete these tasks in the next year, ten years or by the time you reach a certain age. Leaving the timescales open ended could see you always putting some of the tasks off and never achieving your goals.

As you achieve goals your self-confidence will improve and you may want to add more challenging tasks to your list. A positive attitude and approach when deciding on what to include as your goals is necessary. Rather than use statements such as I would like to or maybe I should, try using I will which is a much more positive statement.

Some of the tasks may have a financial cost, such as taking up a new activity or hobby, or visiting a place or country. You need to research the practical issues such as travel, accommodation, health and safety requirements and the financial costs. Preparation and knowledge will be key to successful completion of tasks.

You do not have to do all the tasks alone. Enlisting the help of friends to help you achieve goals can provide you with the support and encouragement needed to fulfil your dreams. Taking up new activities or going on a trip can be more fun when shared with others.

You can be as creative as you like when deciding on what to include as dream goals. There are easy to find sources on the internet where you will have access to a very diverse range of ideas, some fairly simple ones and other more adventurous or complex goals. A broad range of goals helps to keep it an interesting exercise.

Both physical and emotional commitment are needed to ensure you are fulfilling your bucket list and optimizing the experiences. Successful crossing a goal off the list should leave you with a sense of accomplishment and improved self-worth. The rewards you should gain from completing a challenge should equal the effort you need to put in.

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