For Those Folks That Desire The Best Self Esteem Tips

Building the self esteem of a person is a process that should be started as soon as the person knows the difference between right and wrong; self esteem is too vital to leave off till the child becomes a teenager…. it may be too late by then.

Every individual knows that confidence and self esteem are two basic human characteristics that help an individual to plunge into the jungle of life and come out victorious; absence of these two traits can spell disaster for an individual.

A parent or parents who have very little or no self esteem themselves are in the first place, poor role models for their children and can hardly teach their kids about self esteem; as a parent, practicing what you preach should be your motto…it helps the child grow more maturely.

The best gift you could ever give your child is to believe in his/her and his/her abilities or talents because eventually, that confidence will help your child carve out a definite identity for his or herself. Emphasizing the positive traits in your kids is one sure way to help them love themselves and see the best, not in themselves alone, but in other people as well.

The degree to which you are able to help your child feel confident about himself or herself is equally the degree to which he or she will be enable to become a functional member of the society or a dysfunctional member of the society. I would like to advise that if you haven’t been doing a lot to instill a feeling of self-worth and self-love in your child, it isn’t too late to start now….a lifetime of pain can be erased the moment the decision to love is made.

Self affirming words have been known to give that much needed boost in slumped spirits…..teaching your children to say and believe, good things about themselves enhances their confidence and equips them to be more decisive in issues that affect them.

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