Fitness Exercise Equipment Overview: The York Fitness Model C101 Exercise Bicycle

If you’re looking for fitness exercise equipment, there are various aspects to think on. Don’t forget, the best way to have an efficient fitness programme is to stick with it, and to raise the strength of the exercise a little at a time. Besides the feeling of gratification that it’s underway, don’t look for speedy results! In time, nonetheless, you will see that, to some extent, you’re gaining more strength, and have somewhat more stamina. This is what will tell you that the programme is doing well. To achieve a constructive effect, you should exercise the upper and lower body.

Hand weights work well for the upper body, and there’s nothing better than an exercise bicycle for the lower body. In addition, you’ll get significant cardiovascular benefits if you learn to keep your heart rate in the optimal range for your particular fitness goals.

Next are some facts regarding a wonderful exercise bicycle by York Fitness – the model C101.

Fitness Exercise Equipment: Major Parts of the York Fitness Model C101 Exercise Bicycle

The ride on the C101 is exceptionally smooth because of the magnetic resistance. A smooth ride means that you’re more likely to complete your workout successfully. Another key to a good workout is paying attention to the information reported on the console display of the fitness exercise equipment you’re using. The readout on the C101 is very easy to read, and will help keep your workout on track. It even calculates the estimated number of calories you’ll burn. This is a great piece of fitness equipment for beginners. It’s reasonably priced at about £200, so it’s not a budget buster. Do know, however, that the machine does not have a feature to measure your pulse, so you’ll need to use your own separately purchased heart rate monitor, such as one from the well-known Polar brand.

Fitness Exercise Equipment: More About the York Fitness Model C101 Exercise Bicycle

This is some more specifications about this practically priced piece of fitness equipment. It has a heavy-duty one-piece crank, plus a 26cm flywheel with a weight of 4kg. The height of the saddle is changeable to give you the perfect leg expansion, which is a significant quality. It contains a console display that’s a single LCD window that shows the distance, speed, time, and also the likely calories used. It comes with 4 fixed programmes, but the bicycle isn’t capable of storing user profiles.

Fitness Exercise Equipment: Some Particulars of the York Fitness Model C101

This bike will not fold down. The size is 92 x 55 x 129cm (L x W x H). The C101 bears a maximum user weight of 100kg, on its own, it weighs 23kg. This product is built to be applied only inside the home. A 12 month warrant is offered on the frame, with 12 months parts and labour as well. When you register this product with York, the warranty on it will raise to 24 months.

To make the best choice in fitness exercise equipment, choose a machine you can stay with. The York Fitness model C101 exercise bicycle is worth a serious look.

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