Fast Learning: What To Do After Your Classes

Most folks who tackle fast learning will give up early on in their classes. This is a shame because fast learning can really give a lot of benefits to an individual. Granted, you will have to work real hard for it but the results outshine the “hardships” that you are going to encounter.

Now, when we talk about fast learning, it's not possible to not talk of the difference of it with other ways of learning. That is really actually beneficial if you are serious in mastering your fast learning classes.

I have always believed that the best way to learn anything- anything at all- is to appreciate its fundamentals. In fast learning, one of the primary guidelines you have got to understand is its difference.

In this article, we're going to talk about how it is dissimilar in the application stage. For those who haven’t taken any fast learning courses yet, you will most likely encounter the term “applied learning” in your classes.

Fast Learning and Applied Learning

But what's the “applied learning” stage? Well, this is the stage of fast learning where you are going to apply the new lessons or skills you have in one area of your life. And this is a strategic application- this is the main difference of applied learning in the fast learning setting.

Let's assume you learn giving speeches for example, some kind of public talking, you are generally going to take the skill set you learn there and you are going to use it in a certain context, in a certain place. Now, this is good, but it's not mapping it out to everything that you do; it’s just mapping it out to the 1st area that you are applying it to.

If you do not consistently transfer it, it gets stuck in one area, so here is where the applied learning can begin to fall down, if we just learn the way to do one thing and we just apply it to one area of our life and we do not start to think about how do we use that geometry also in other areas of our life, or in other things which we are doing, or in other projects that we are taking on.

Then we’ll have a tendency to associate that that learning is purely applicable to one area of our life and this may be a danger with the applied level, if we just get stuck here, then we're going to only accept that that specific learning and those particular lessons are only relevant to one area of our life and this is where the third level comes in and the third level is what we should be aiming at, it’s what we should be going for all the time; the 3rd level is the level of identity.

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