Eye exercises to improve eyesight naturally

There are not so many eye exercises; only three, of which, two are geared towards relaxing eye muscles while the third one improves our vision through stretching.

To start with, there is the sunning eye exercise which most people do unconscious of the fact that, they are actually working to improve their eyesight. Sunning, even from the word itself, involves the sun. The sun has a powerful healing effect that helps us to get a better vision, however; it could be dangerous when precaution is not taken. That is why we need to be cautious when doing this exercise.

While sunning, we need to fully relax our eye muscles, use your palm and fingers to cover one of your eyes as this not only ensures the best cover from sunlight but, also has a healing effect since palms emit healing energy. While doing this, spin your head like a pendulum from side to side. Engage in this for at least two minutes or less then do the same with the other eye.

Palming is the second exercise which should be done after sunning so as to reinforce relaxation. To start with, rub your hands vigorously against each other till they warm up then, put them one on another, in or across and cover your eye such that, the centre of your palm, rests exactly on your eyes. For best effect spend a minimum of five minutes. When you are done, put your hands down while your eyes closed, then inhale deeply to supply fresh oxygen to your lungs. This helps relax your body as well as the eye muscles, you can finally open your eyes slowly. Depending on how well you have relaxed, you will be able see better than before. When palming, do not stare; instead, think of something nice because closing your eyes does not automatically guarantee relaxation.

The last exercise is about stretching your vision. For instance, if you are hyperopic, then you pull it closer. This technique will improve and even restore your eye sight. Unfortunately, it does little good when you do it while walking instead; one should just sit in a fairly dim light and look roughly 25 meters away from where you sit. You will not just look, but instead keep a good vision for as long as possible. While stretching, look for a place where you can most keep that flash of good vision for long. A very important point to remember is that, when you get this good vision, keep it while you are fully relaxed or else it will not be effective because you will experience discomfort and even pain in your eyes.

How eye exercises improve vision and learn eye exercises to improve vision

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