Everything You Need Yo Know About Creatine

You may have heard about it, but do you know what creatine is? Well, it is a natural substance that is present in every cell in your body. And it functions as a store of energy, which makes it necessary for your survival.

Although the substance is endogenous, it can be derived from proper diet. Primarily the kidneys, liver and pancreas synthesize the substance from the amino acids that are present in our diet. In fact, creatine by nature itself is a form of amino acid.

After the organs produce creatine, the bloodstreams transport the substance to different sections of the human body. Carrying it to the nerve cells, brain and muscles is the most crucial work that involves a lot of energy the entire day.

In the human body, it is mostly stored in the skeletal muscles as phosphocreatine. This represents about 70% of its total reserves while the rest 30% is what is called ‘free-creatine’.

The rate of production of creatine determines the pace of muscle recovery from exertion. Both are directly related and therefore, faster the production of creatine, the faster will be the recovery.

It is seen that if the level of prosphocreatine is high then there can be a considerable improvement in our body muscle performance while carrying out arduous physical activity or heavy exercises. It is for the same reason that athletes and bodybuilders look for creatine supplements. Medical sciences have shown that creatine supplements can enhance the strength of our muscles, quite considerably.

Like everything else there are also pros and cons of taking these supplements. One should bear in mind that consumption of such supplements may lead to side affects like nausea, cramping of muscles, stomach cramps and such other complaints. Therefore, these supplements cannot be declared safe until some more trials confirm it safe to be consumed.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid consumption of such supplements and increase intake of food that are high in amino acids.

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