Every Minute Matters With Children

My two little ones are super full of spunk and lots of energy. It is no surprise that a three year old and six year old are bound to be a little bit rambunctious. Going out shopping with my girls is always an adventure. Shopping is not an easy task to be sure. There’s always some kind of dire catastrophe that overpowers the entire experience. And don’t even get me started about clothes and shoes shopping with the girls.

It always surprises me that they both despise tying things on so much. I finally decided to try shopping without them but that just started up a whole other set of issues. It was a lost cause trying to extricate myself from my little angel’s grasp. After thinking about the problem, I decided I might as well just go ahead and shop online. When I found what I wanted, I used a Shoebuy coupon that I had found and used it with my order. Amazingly it worked out so well I thought I saw the end of my troubles. My girls each got a couple of pairs of shoes and so did I which was truly amazing since that never happens when we actually go shopping. Getting the right sizes for my daughters was really simple and the fact that they were growing girls didn’t hurt. I could put shoes away to be hand-me-downs from my oldest to my youngest if I accidentally got a size too small for my oldest. Finally, a good resolution to my shopping problem.

I’ve tried over and over to be the type of mother that keeps her calm and cool, but shopping with those two girls was about enough to make my hair fall out. But everyone has their limits and mine was reached when my oldest threw a pair of shoes completely across the store on one of our shopping trips. That was totally unacceptable. What other options does a parent have though when something like that happens?

I still take them shopping because I think they need the social experience, but now I don’t worry about trying to get them to try on things now. I’m positive I will get plenty of time dealing with that when they are teenagers. The whole shopping thing is probably going to change completely once they are teenagers anyway.

Until that happens, I’m going to order online in the comfort of my home, having a cup of coffee and not worrying about their behavior. For convenience, online shopping is the best option, no tempers and it’s easy and inexpensive. Amazingly, my oldest girl will even sometimes sit and pick out things she likes online.

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