Eliminate The Fear Of Objection To Numis Network

You will face more sales objections when you begin down the road of selling then any other time. The reason this happens is that you lack the experience to qualify your prospect or to present information in away that they want before asking for the sale. This is not easy to understand if you are new to the game. This is why My Lead System Pro offers free training for its members by the top people in the industry. Here is a simple piece of advice for handling objections.

The first thing to remember is – don’t panic. Most inexperienced people in sales that get an objection become uncertain or react with fear. Even worse some will try to argue with their prospect. You have to remember that objections are common. You should welcome them.

Always acknowledge the objection. The prospect needs to know that you hear his objection and that you sympathize with their concern. Your acknowledgement of the objection starts a relationship between you and your prospect. You can say something like, “I know how you feel, I have felt the same way …”

Then ask a question about the objection. By asking a question about the objection you unwrap the details of what the objection really is and you are demonstrating to the prospect that you are really interested. Believe me you will get further in sales by being engaged then by being engaging. Never start to deal with an objection without fully understanding what it is exactly. During this getting to know phases you may find that a prospect will answer their objection themselves.

The client is always the key to answering the objection. Always feed back the objection to them. It is best to do this in the form of a yes or no question. This will help you qualify the objection as the only true objection. If they say “no” then you can ask about what other concerns they may have. If they say “yes” you know that it is a real objection and you can start to answer it. By finding the true objection you are not wasting your time with tire kickers.

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