Electronic Cigarettes: Do You Have a Strong Addiction to Tobacco Smoking?

A brief questionnaire designed by a Swedish physician named K. O. Fagerstrom is designed to assess the strength of a smoker’s addiction to nicotine. With questions like “Is it hard for you to refrain from smoking in places where it is prohibited?” and “Do you smoke when you are sick and forced to stay in bed?”, it can be quite telling if answered honestly. Depending on the smoker’s responses, he or she is categorised as a light, social, habitual or heavy smoker.

No matter what the classification, however, smoking has such risks that it is difficult to imagine why people continue to smoke. You may say that naturally it is the addiction. If this is true, then you need to realise that you have an alternate method that can gratify the nicotine craving and not cause all the detrimental possibilities of smoking tobacco. This would be electronic cigarettes. Keep reading to find out more.

Electronic Cigarettes: Non-Toxic and Safe

By switching to electronic cigarettes, which are a safe and efficient nicotine delivery system, smokers are able to satisfy their cravings, without exposing themselves to the thousands of toxic chemicals and substances found in cigarette smoke. E cigs are not subject to the smoking ban. This means you can use them whenever and wherever you wish, even in public places, restaurants and pubs. No one can object to this type of “smoking,” because it isn’t smoking at all. You inhale an atomised dose of nicotine and exhale a harmless vapour.

So, there is no problem with passive smoking effects, which many people worry about.

Electronic Cigarettes: They are Beneficial

Enclosed in the real- looking outer portion of an e cig lies a cartridge which includes liquid nicotine. Once you draw in, the nicotine is atomised into a slight mist, and distributed to the mouth and lungs. A solitary e cig is just the same as a full pack of tobacco cigarettes, making them a better price value. Let’s just take a look at this – smoking when and where you please, spending less on them, and staying away from toxic cigarette smoke – I see no reason not to swap out for e cigs? Not including how those surrounding you will respond when you “light up”. Since the e cig doesn’t have tobacco, the smoking ban doesn’t pertain to it in the least. Be sure to enjoy your e cig!

Electronic Cigarettes: A More Careful Method of Smoking

Second-hand smoke is a top issue for some people. This is the type of smoke that occurs when a smoker breathes out once they’ve puffed on a traditional cigarette. Every one of these harmful substances are disbursed into the air, and children and others in the area can draw them in. Much research has proven the dangerous results of second-hand smoke, and -in part- that’s why the smoking ban is in affect. Because only a non-dangerous vapour is discharged, no danger of side-stream smoking exists. Utilising an e cig is the safe method of safeguarding the health of the ones close to you, at the same time you’re gratifying your nicotine craving.

Electronic cigarettes are an option that every single smoker should look into.

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