Egg Protein Powder – Why You Would Be Better Off Looking Elsewhere For Muscle Growth

Egg protein has always been somewhat of a surprisingly hot alternative for protein powder in our opinion. Yes – the proponents of egg protein will argue that their protein tastes better and is cheaper than the whey alternative. However, we find that the disadvantages of egg protein far outweigh the benefits of egg. For those not on our wavelength, below is our argument for whey over egg protein.

It’s accurate – egg protein powder tends to have a much better taste than whey. Actually, there’s great reason for this. How frequently have you eaten whey by itself? How frequently have you eaten eggs by your self? Precisely – in the event you compare the natural taste of these two proteins, you’ll discover 1 that’s eaten by itself and is utilized as an ingredient for cakes along with other great tasting foods whilst the other isn’t eaten by itself, period.

While egg beats whey in the taste department, it doesn’t necessarily mean that whey protein will taste any worse. There is a lot that goes into protein powder besides the actual protein. There are flavorings (that lead to the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla tastes) and there are additional ingredients that keep the protein fresh. These will have a positive effect on the powder that leaves your whey tasting nearly as good as egg.

Other factors are what leads us to limit our liking of egg protein. The downside of egg is twofold – first, many of us already get egg protein in our diets through our breakfasts and breads eaten. This means that taking egg protein powder isn’t exactly leading to diversity in the protein powder that we digest. whey does offer this to us.

Next, whey is much easier to digest than egg protein. This means that more of what you are purchasing will have an impact on your system. With this being the case, you can get more bang for your buck with what you do eat as it will stick with your system better than egg protein. The advantage of this is that you will get bigger faster with whey. Yes, egg protein is cheaper, but if you only digest at 75% of the rate of whey, does it make sense that you buy protein that costs 80% of that of whey?

Another downside of whey is that it is known to give allergic reactions to those who are allergic to egg. While those who are aware of their allergies will avoid egg protein based on the labels, egg protein tends to hurt those who aren’t aware of their allergies and take in large doses of egg through protein powders. While one or two eggs may not harm you, what will happen if you take on the equivalent of 10 eggs at one time?

Overall, egg protein is a decent protein if you don’t have a lot of egg in your diet already. If you are looking for a way of diversifying your protein and already get enough whey protein, then you may want to look into egg protein. Otherwise, we would recommend you stay safe and go for whey protein exclusively.

James has been studying Protein Supplements for over 30 years as both a semi-professional bodybuilder and a PhD in nutrition. Let him share his insider secrets on egg protein powder to get you started on the right foot!

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