Educational Aid For Being Not So Ordinairy

The average cost of one year of college education lies somewhere between five to thirty thousand dollars. Not every student can afford that. You can, however, subsidize your college expenses by getting a educational grant, scholarship or a student loan. But, unlike student loans, grants and scholarships don’t need to be paid back.

To get a scholarship, one has to fulfill the requirements stipulated by the scholarship. They are given to those who have exemplary scholastic records, to those who have special talents in music and sports, and to those who come from low-income families. However, there are also some quirky or unusual scholarships. Apparently, these unusual scholarships have very unusual criteria. For example, at the Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, there is scholarship for left handed students. This is the only one that exists for left-handed people in the line of unusual scholarships in the US.

For all kinds of grants, unusual scholarships or not, the anticipating individual has to apply to be able to receive them. The applicants for federal scholarships, like the Pell Grant, need to fill-up the FAFSA, which evaluates their eligibility. For other scholarships, the institution or the sponsor sets the eligibility criteria and application procedure. As for unusual scholarships, you need to possess that unique, offbeat characteristic primarily. Other requirements may include maintaining an excellent mark or engage in sports.

Anong one of the most unusual scholarships is the duct tape scholarship that is awarded to those who show off in the weirdest duct tape prom outfit. Then there is the milk moustache scholarship that is awarded to those who take milk daily. They may sound funny and, at times, outlandish but these scholarships have aided thousands of students to get their college diploma and fulfill their dreams.

These days, in times of economic uncertainty, any scholarship is helpful, find out what you might qualify for and apply, who knows – you might just get it.

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