Eat Apples Regularly for Improved Personal Health

For thousands of years now, apples have been considered one of the most nutritious foods available. In ancient Greece, the renowned second-century Greek physician, Galen, wrote thoroughly in regards to the health benefits of consuming apples. He concluded that apples have remarkable healing powers.Today, contemporary science has proved his thinking.

The crisp, white-fleshed fruit has either red, yellow or green skin. The skin, in reality, is considered the most nourishing section of the apple. It has the majority of the high amount of antioxidants found in apples. The antioxidants found in apples are: quercetin, epicatechin and procyanidin B2. Apples are also a great supply of fiber and vitamin C.

This scrumptious fruit has increased personal health for humans for almost 8,000 years. In addition, apples can be prepared in various ways. The flexibility and nutritious value of apples make it an automatic lock on any top 10 superfoods list.

An apple each day doesn’t keep the doctor away. It put’s him out of business. Apples are extremely nourishing and supply a ton of health advantages. If you truly want improved personal health, you should start enjoying apples everyday.

Consuming apples regularly can grant a bunch of weight loss help in your diet program. One study, performed on women in Brazil, found that women who consumed three or more apples on a daily basis lost more weight while dieting as opposed to women who didn’t eat fruit while dieting. This is probably because apples have a superior concentration of water and are reduced in calories. Add to that the indisputable fact that apples are incredibly rich in fiber and you have a spectacular superfood that keeps you fuller longer.

Apples are also key in lowering cholesterol. Pectin, which happens to be present in apples, helps to lower LDL (bad cholesterol). Folks that eat 2 or more apples a day can potentially decrease their cholesterol by as much as 10%.

In a study done on 10,000 people, it was determined that people who routinely eat apples have a 50% less chance of developing lung cancer. This is resulting from apples high levels of the flavanoids querectin and naringin. Additionally, apples are the only food on earth known to contain the flavanoid phloridzin. Scientific studies suggest that phloridzin helps to protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and improves their bone density. Boron, which is also found in apples, also helps to strengthen bones. Astonishing.

There are numerous other health benefits of apples such as: Alzheimer’s prevention, Breast cancer prevention, Colon cancer prevention, Diabetes management, Liver cancer prevention, Dental health.

Let’s face it, if you are looking for a boost to your personal health, apples are a must. With their wide range of health promoting nutrients, apples are unquestionably deserving of being viewed as one of the top 10 superfoods.

It does not matter how you plan to consume your apple, picking out the right one is critical to the quality of your meal. The apples you decide on should be firm to the touch and not have any brown bruises on the skin. Take a look at the skin and make sure it’s smooth and does not have any wrinkles. Fresh apples are brighter in color than those that are not fresh. In addition, larger apples are more likely to be overripe. As soon as you have your apples, you should store them in your refrigerator to keep them fresh.

Apples typically cost approximately $2.00 – $$2.20 per lb but can differ relying on the existing market.

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