Do You Recognize The 5 Signs Of High Blood Pressure?

It won’t be surprising to know if you have heard a story or two about an individual who died from an illness but could have lived longer if it had been diagnosed earlier. Such is the risk of high blood pressure or HBP. As a matter of fact, it has been referred to as the silent killer because symptoms are rarely recognized for what they are and unless a person closely looks for signs, they would not guess they already have HBP. This then points us to the importance of knowing HBP’s 5 early warning signs.

The best way to determine whether you have a blood pressure that is above normal is by using a device called a sphygmomanometer. This type of check though is not the kind that anybody would have the initiative to do. Usually only those who are serious about maintaining good health will exert a conscious effort to find out what their blood pressure is. And of course, those who feel that something is wrong with them. But if you are not any of these, then at least seek medical attention for some signs that are associated with HBP.

One of these is frequent and persistent headaches. While these can be linked to various medical conditions, having your blood pressure checked when you experience this makes a lot of sense. Another sign to watch out for is dizziness or dizzy spells. A feeling of lightheadedness does not actually mean you have to take blood pressure medicine but it can be a warning about a rise in blood pressure. It would be most helpful to see a doctor if you experience this quite often.

Experiencing nosebleed for unknown reasons is the third sign that you may have HBP. Nosebleeds usually occur as a result of injury or dryness or an extremely high temperature. And if your nose bleeds even in the absence of these triggers, then you have to think hard. Get your blood pressure checked to make sure the silent killer is not a threat to your health.

The fourth sign that should alert you to get your blood pressure checked is nausea, which is characterized by a feeling of the urge to vomit. And like the other signs, this can be related to different diseases but paying attention to this symptom and its possible association to blood pressure can really make a difference. Yet another sign that of HBP is blurred vision.

If you observe a reduction in the sharpness of your vision, have your blood pressure checked as this condition has been commonly noted with HBP sufferers. Ways to prevent hypertension as well as high blood pressure medication are readily available. But unless you know you have a problem with your blood pressure, you run the risk of becoming the next prey to the silent killer.

There are many high blood pressure medication currently offered in the market today. This author, who happens to be a resident pharmacist in a leading drugstore in Canada, warns his patients to check for possible counterfeit drugs of this kind which are low-priced.

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