Do High Reps Actually Build Stronger Muscles?

When you consider coaching for muscle-building, you may not truly compare it with high reps as part of an effective Workout System.

Actually most trainers and bodybuilding enthusiasts would probably tell you to stay away from high-rep coaching if your goal is to build up bigger muscles. What you do not understand is that staying away from high-rep coaching can be a major cock-up! Now, before we progress on to the debate of how high-rep training can help you build up stronger muscles, let us first establish that high-rep refers to anything that exceeds 15 repetitions per set. Moving on, here are 3 ways for you to take advantage of high-rep coaching as an element of your muscle-building efforts:

1. Use very light weights

This is going to be tough to believe, but light weights combined with high reps can indeed help you to build muscles. Remember that muscle-building isn't just about resistance, but also about physiology. Regardless of whether you have stimulated growth in your muscles, if you don't supply them with enough nutrient elements, you will continue to be unable to optimise your results. Lifting light weights with high reps effectively increases the capillary density of your muscles. This implies the blood circulation in your muscles will improve, so making certain that your muscles get sufficient nutrients and are therefore ready to recover and grow more easily.

2. Use moderate weights

Just like the light strategy, this one also carries the very same benefits of good circulation, and also carries heightened resistance, which without delay stimulates muscle growth. This could be why many powerlifters use this system to extend their muscular mass. This can be used on any exercise, but the Squat is perhaps the best exercise to use this method on.

3. Partial training with high-reps

Maybe the best thing about this system is that it essentially permits you to train with high reps AND big weights! This gives you the benefits of both good circulation and maximum muscle-building resistance. This will best be done on a power rack and can be performed at any point of your workout routine.

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