Deciding Between Hair Waxing or Laser Hair Removal Procedure

When individuals talk about unwanted hair removal, they will usually go for the ones that will last for a longer time and which does not hurt much. Among the slew of hair removal procedures, one can go for either the waxing or laser hair removal process since these two are confirmed to have the longer lasting effects of hair removal processes. These two procedures may have similarities in terms of their objectives; however, they differ much in the procedures in realizing that objective. Each procedure is applied to remove unwanted hairs in certain areas of the body but each has its own arguments for and against. Before taking the plunge on any of the processes, it is necessary to be acquainted with the differences of the two.

Waxing TechniqueTechnique

Waxing can be performed at home with the use of a waxing kit which can be purchased at any pharmacy. For those who might not have the time to do the waxing themselves, they can go to a beauty salon which gives skin care services and have the method done by a cosmetologist. The waxing method starts by adding warm wax over the skin that has the growing unwanted hairs. A cloth strip will be plastered over the wax-coated area and pulled off quick and fast to make certain that no wax will linger on the skin. Such action will also successfully get rid of the hairs from their roots. To lessen the inflammation and redness as a result of the method, a gel or lotion will be rubbed on the affected area.

Laser Removal MethodMethod

The laser eliminates hair by destroying the hair shafts by heating hair follicle with pulsed laser beam. To attain the best result from the method, a client should go through some laser therapy sessions which usually consists of 6 to 8 sessions, depending on the hair type and skin tone.

Whether one opts to gete hair waxing or laser hair removal procedure, one should understand that both procedures will bring about some throbbing during and after the treatment. When one chooses to have a laser hair removal procedure, he or she can anticipate that an anesthetic will be applied to the skin to take away the pain. Conversely, the person being waxed will only feel some pain upon removing the cloth strip. Both procedures will result into swelling which can be relieved using an emollient such as petroleum jelly on the affected area.

One important thing that a patient should do before undergoing waxing or laser hair removal treatments is to ensure that the places offering these types of services are authorized and are licensed legally to operate. Performing this measure will give the patient the peace of mind that somebody will be accountable in case adverse results will happen after the procedure.

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