Day Spas And What They Offer

Are you feeling a bit jaded? A bit run-down or even worn out? Do you feel like you ought to have a vacation, yet you do not have the time or do not have the money right now? Well, a trip to a day spa might be the solution. Most women have been to a beauty salon and so have some men, but fewer people of both sexes have been to a day spa.

A day spa is an extended version of a beauty salon. The extra amenities normally involve water in some way or oil – something liquid. However, day spas resemble beauty salons in that they usually offer all of the treatments that a beauty salon offers and pampering is the prime concern.

It is the pampering as much as anything that can wash your cares away for a while and make you feel as if you have recently come back from a short vacation. Four hours at a day spa can be more relaxing (and far better for you) than a weekend away on the razzle.

If you have never been to a spa before, it is worth doing a local search on the computer and seeing what web sites come up. A good web site ought to list the treatments that they offer, their prices and any package offers (frequently known as day packages). It ought to also mention whether you need to book up or merely call in.

The prices might appear outrageous at first, yet it is worth checking how long the procedure takes and whether there are any luxurious preparations or oils involved, because they may be costly. Day packages can reduce the cost of a number of related treatments fairly significantly. If you still find it costly, maybe you could plan a trip for a few weeks in advance.

Something else that you ought to factor in whilst thinking about day spas and costs is the tranquility. Most spas have strict rules concerning noise. So, no small children, no shouting, no cell phones or pagers, no radios or Walkmen, just soothing ambient music. Everything about a day spa is meant to make you feel pampered, cared for, less stressed and much more relaxed.

So what treatments can you assume to find at a day spa? Well, everything that you would expect to find at a beauty salon for a start off, so that includes manicure, pedicures, hair styling, facials and make-up or make-overs.

However, a spa ought to also provide massages of various sorts like a full body massage, an oil massage, a Thai massage, a foot massage and perhaps others as well. They may also have a steam box or a sauna and / or Turkish Baths, mud wraps, herbal wraps, mud baths and even flotation chambers. Lots of spas offer aroma therapy and provide complimentary healthy drinks like fruit and vegetable juices too. Some might even have a swimming pool too.

Detoxes feature fairly often at most spas and some may offer colonic irrigation too. However, the best value for money are the day packages or one-off specials, which permit you to combine a number of treatments for one discounted payment.

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