Couriers need to provide reliability as well as speed

The first thing that most companies look for when they need a courier is a short delivery time. If one firm says it will delivery packages a day sooner than a rival, it has a very good chance of getting the contract. When you’re sending out goods, you want to keep people happy, which means getting things to them as soon as possible.

Short delivery times aren’t the only thing to look at though. If a courier has a tendency to lose packages, this can be really problematic. Time saved with quick delivery for most of your packages can be lost if just a handful of parcels go astray – this is even more true when the contents are worth a fair amount.

The difference between waiting a day for a package and waiting two days for a package seems significant, but the extra day is not something a customer will remember in the long-run. At worst it will be a short term irritation. When the package arrives, this will quickly be forgotten.

A lost package causes all sorts of problems. It may actually take you a few days to realise that the parcel has gone astray and then, even if you are able to send out a replacement, there will still be a delay before it reaches your customer, who is growing increasingly irate.

If the courier has a problem with a particular address or postcode, it might be that they again fail to deliver the package at the second time of asking. If you don’t get much information about what has gone on and the delivery service isn’t reliable, your problems will start to mount.

The best courier service does indeed involve quick delivery, but it must also be reliable. A lot of firms will provide you with delivery success rates and there are some who will make multiple attempts to deliver your parcels. Parcel tracking can be a real boon, as it keeps you informed about the progress of all of your deliveries. You can simply check the details on your computer.  

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