Costa Rica Has changed into a Protected shelter For Medical Travellers

Health Check Costa Rica’s true formation commenced when my sister developed hepatitis C from a bad blood transfusion in the latter 1980s. We rallied as a family and when she bounced back after a year I actually thought that we had averted this crisis forever. I knew she had to take some medicine but in each other way things were back to basics. Little do My opinion is that 15 years later the illness had taken a toll that needed her to hunt for a full liver transplant. The year we spent struggling this with her was a year I will be able to never forget. This was a year that had me within an infirmary almost every single day. I sold my place and quit working so I would have money to help and to be by her side full time. I saw from the inside precisely what was good and what was bad about our medical care system. What struck me was that like in so many areas of life there had been the good and the bad that wanted to be accepted and infrequently shades of grey not easily interpreted. But some iniquities were simply too harsh. What struck me and stuck with me in this experience, the observations that both influenced me and frequently angered me is why I ultimately formed Health Check Costa Rica.

From the stories that I heard and the people I met it in the hospital it was awfully clear and quite tragic that there were folks dying every day because they were being turned away from quality care from absence of funds or sufficient insurance. I really thought this iniquity to be inexcusable in a land of such wealth and majesty. It screamed of injustice and seemed so random as to be similar to rolling dice. If you had good insurance or worked for the right company or had the right education then you were Ok. If not you were turned out to die. It is that easy. It is that cruel.

Ultimately my sister’s Medical bills topped out at over a million bucks. In seeing those numbers and seeing the astronomic prices for certain things it occurred to me that nobody could truly afford this except for the top .01% of the people. So how could we even as a society afford this? Where did these costs come from? Well I interpret it something similar to this. These are insurance firms paying these bills. Patients aren't sometimes going line by line and challenging certain ghastly costs. No these are insurance firms approving these costs and then meeting behind firmly shut doors to figure out how to pass this on to the consumer and still make a buck. Hence the ridiculous prices for medical insurance and eventually health care and truly why a large percentage of folks remain uninsured. The health care insurance firms have dropped the ball and the thinking is “as long as we are making our percentage, well the bigger the better.”

Finally legal action has helped skyrocket the price of care and actually has forced doctors in to a no win situation. An OB GYN in Florida is legally required to pay as high as $200,000 dollars every year for medical malpractice insurance. That's correct, 200k before they can make a greenback for themselves. Who do you suspect finally pays this? You the consumer! One further reason so many remain uninsured is that absence of well overdue tort reform and ridiculous compensations. Eventually the sad result I saw with my personal eyes in my sister’s case was these powerful surgeons in high risk areas were compelled to carry such a heavy case load to pay down these insurance costs that none were able to give their patients the care or private attention they needed or the notice they merited. They were made to use smaller talented underlings to catch complicated diagnoses and symptoms and I am able to tell you straight up. THIS Doesn't WORK. The system is awfully broken.

The system is very broken. The day my sister ultimately left Spaulding Rehab hospice in Boston was the day I set out on my adventure to Costa Rica with my jeep Cherokee loaded for jungle survival. With all my computer equipment and attire, my dog Seikan and I commenced our long perilous drive to Costa Rica, neither of us with any Spanish just a lot of hope for a new life. Costa Rica truly has much to supply and we have enjoyed living here and working and while plenty of things we treat disrespectfully in the US do not exist here inversely neither do lots of the bad things. I am consistently. Struck by the lack of sirens, and planes and each time I hear one it is a surprise to me. Substructure still has a good way to catch up to the US but one of the large surprises I had when I started research for Health Check one or two years back was that the overall health care system was placed higher than the United States in the world in overall level of care, and has a superb network of worldwide commissioned Hospitals, surgeons, and after care facilities that rival the care in the USA. The people of Costa Rica have the second longest life spans of all nations in the world, and were ranked in a global study as some of the most happy folk on earth. As I continued my studies in to this business I realized that this was feasible to form a service that would allow folk in the US and Canada to seek out quality affordable medicare near to home at up to an 80% discount while leaving all the troubles of organising details and schedules to us. People who could not afford health care could all of a sudden have access to truly quality health care less than three hours away from many major airfields in the U.S. And economize even with the price of the trip To me this was more than a business opportunity; it was an opportunity to make a difference in races ‘ lives, a chance to serve and a chance to help. With this under consideration please know that if you book a process thru Health Check Costa Rica we take gravely you each care and comfort after you land in Costa Rica. Our research and experience in finding the proper doctor, dentist or after care consultant will take the responsibility off you and your family and let you prepare for your procedure with peace of mind. We are going to introduce you to only the very best of the very best in Costa Rica and give you a chance to meet and build a liaison with the surgeons who will be performing your procedures long before you arrive. We're employed with only the best and most trusted tour corporations, hotels, and transportation services and we can create packages for every budget. So please let us help. Whether it is for any process small or large, from Hip Replacement, gut bypass, or Plastic Surgery, to Angioplasty or In Vitro Fertilization, you owe it to yourself to pick the best care for you. Please allow Health Check Costa Rica to make the introductions and present options to you. We're looking forward to serve you and many others.

Health Check Costa Rica is celebrated for Medical Tourism packages and is a commissioned Medical Travel Facilitator incorporated in Costa Rica. Together with our partners we have helped tons of patients successfully find safe and reasonable medical and oral care thru medical tourism to Costa Rica. With up to 70% savings including travel and recovery cost, the amazing quality of care found in Costa Rica must be considered.

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