Coping with Anxiety in today’s modern life

In today’s modern life, a common problem one experiences is anxiety. This has been due to the stressful life style one has and although this has become a common problem, coping with anxiety can be learned if one follows certain practices. One must first distinguish if the anxiety being experienced is real or if it is something that is all in the mind.

A bad experience may cause stress and anxiety. In coping with this stress and anxiety one must look at the positive side of every situation. We should not concentrate on the negative and dwell on what may happen. We must see what we can accomplish to overcome this problem. We should also be able to accept the things that we will not be able to change. There are things that we do not have the power over and stressing about that situation will not help.

Here are two suggested methods on coping with anxiety:

One is to face up to your negative thoughts. Ask yourself: What are these negative thoughts? Are they helping me or are they just bringing me down and adding to my anxiety? These thoughts should be pushed aside to bring about a more positive outlook in order to deal with the anxiety.

Another method is to learn to relax. How one relaxes may be different from someone else. Relaxation for one person may be to read a book, go out with friends or exercise. Yes, exercise may be a form of relaxation. With exercise you may be able to release the aches and pains of your muscles and at the same time learn breathing exercises. Proper breathing helps you calm your nerves thus helps you cope with your anxiety.

A positive outlook and a smile on your face can help you deal with your anxiety. Look at your blessings. These blessings are a reason to be happy and thankful. Also, it does not hurt to laugh. Surround yourself with positive people and pleasant surroundings. Ultimately, if one does this, coping with our anxiety will easily be reached.

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