Controlling High Blood Pressure?

It appears that everybody over the age of around forty is having problems with their blood pressure. There is such a thing as having low blood pressure but the difficulty sweeping Western society for the last twenty-five to thirty years is high blood pressure, which is also called hypertension in medical jargon.

Hypertension is a serious medical condition which can kill if not treated, but it is often an indication of leading a poor lifestyle, so a sufferer can normally avoid hypertension by making a couple of lifestyle alterations. The time to instigate these alterations is as soon as possible, because the alterations are sensible ones, but young bodies can take more abuse than older ones, so it is a good concept to keep an eye on your blood pressure from your mid thirties.

Age and ethnicity are factors in hypertension and there is naturally nothing you can do about that, yet the other factors are beneficial for everybody, because they just involve living a better lifestyle.

Being overweight is a major factor in producing hypertension. The answer is evident – if you are overweight, lose those surplus pounds. Losing just ten pounds can reduce your blood pressure a lot.

Being inactive is another major factor in creating hypertension and is naturally linked with being overweight. Therefore, you can kill two birds with one stone by exercising more in order to lose weight. Eating too much sodium (table salt) is another factor in high blood pressure, so this offers another opportunity to ‘double up’.

Whilst you are attempting to lose weight in order to help reduce your hypertension, incorporate reduced-sodium recipes into your cooking routine. There are lots of low-sodium or low-salt recipes on the Internet and once you have been eating low-sodium for a week or ten days you will wonder why you ever used salt in the first place.

Salt is of course in some foods more than others, so you will have to have some assistance in the beginning, but only not adding any salt or sugar to any of your food or drink is a decent beginning. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables is another obvious thing to do. Strive not to use tinned foods as salt is frequently used to ‘pump up the flavour’ and preserve cheap ingredients in cans.

Smoking is not good for you. We all know that, but it also increases blood pressure and so does drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis. These are difficult lifestyle alterations to master, but you could at least cut down.

Stress, fear, anger, worry and sleeplessness are also factors that increase hypertension and it is simple to see that they could all be interrelated. It is frequently said that exercise reduces stress and so that may now have a triple benefit. If you suffer from stress, meditation or yoga might help you as well.

In short, you can to do something about your hypertension. Some of the changes are not simple, yet just doing something on all these fronts will have an impact and perhaps keep you off medication for the rest of your life.

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