Conquering Childhood Illiteracy With A Live Reading Tutor

Administering a child’s academics can be difficult. It can be exponentially difficult when a child is learning to read. Factoring in a live Reading tutor, a child’s efforts to read becomes easier with their intense, reading intervention curriculum. In addition, it is a curriculum that is accommodating to teens and adults, as well as to kids who struggle learning how to read. It is not just for children.

A benefit to accessing an intense, literacy intervention is that the initial approach is determining the reasons why a student is having a difficult time. This removes the focal point of grade level and releases the burden of keeping up with a whole class of pupils. Moreover, the tool used to help students overcome and pinpoint learning issues is called the PACE program.

The PACE Program identifies as the Processing and Cognitive Enhancement program. Some of the difficulties that the PACE Program identifies in a student can be: Their inability to process information quickly and therefore, the student works slowly; another difficulty may be their ability to process information through auditory and/or visualization; and then it may be identified that a student is often frustrated during the process of learning due to disorganization. These are just a few of the obstacles that the program pinpoints in students in order to provide individualized help towards becoming literacy independent.

Students who are committed to following the PACE curriculum receive an intensive, 36-hour coursework. It is a customized, hands-on, step-by-step learning program. While this program is intense, it is formulated to be fun, yet challenging. Students are encouraged in their learning with consistent achievement with a levelled approach. This all completed on a Thinking Center location.

Starting with students as young as age six all the way to those who are adults, Thinking Centers are able to accommodate literacy at every level. Every student that commits to the program are assigned to a Thinking Center Specialist. It is this live person that helps in administering the PACE program and provide the hands-on, individualized assistance that each student needs.

Thinking Centers are not limited to providing academic success to multiple levels of students. They are also able to assist those who have special needs. Students who are classified as having special needs are those who may be dyslexic, who may have AD/HD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or they may be ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Additionally, they are prepared to help the at-risk student.

At risk students can be classified as those students who are more susceptible to failure than others due to several criteria. Some of the criteria that labels one as at risk are socioeconomic conditions, poor behaviour, disabilities, and even ethnic minority status. A Thinking Center Specialist is able help such individuals.

Obtaining a live reading tutor can be achieved finding a Thinking Center Specialist. Using the PACE program as the tool, this specialist is prepared to aid students, on every level, succeed in their academic efforts. They are prepared to even help students who have special and/or considered to be at risk. With them, learning is intense and challenging, fun and rewarding.

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