Choosing Weight Loss Surgery Options Fort Worth TX

Deciding on whether to choose weight loss surgery is a difficult task. Once the decision has been made to proceed, you need to make a decision on the type. There are several weight loss surgery options Fort Worth TX has on offer. The one you finally choose will depend on your health, your weight loss target and your surgeon’s recommendations.

The first decision is to decide if this type of procedure is right for you. There are two basic available types. These are restrictive and restrictive/malabsorptive surgeries. Restrictive surgery restricts the size of your stomach which allows the digestive process to slow down. A normal stomach is able to hold about three pints of food. After this surgical procedure, your stomach will only be able to hold around one ounce.

The restrictive cum malabsorptive procedure is a more surgically invasive procedure. It limits the size of your stomach and passes by specific sections of your digestive tract. This prevents your body from absorbing calories from the food you eat.

Each of the different types of procedures offers variations. You can opt for an adjustable gastric band which is one of the least invasive treatment options. During this process, your stomach is squeezed into two parts, a larger lower portion and a smaller upper portion. Although the two sections remain connected, the flow between the two is small. This limits the amount of food you are able to consume in a single meal. The food you eat also needs to be well-chewed or soft.

The main advantage of a gastric band is that it is a safer choice than other procedures, such as gastric bypasses. The procedure is done by using a small camera and special instruments. This procedure is reversible by removing the band.

The disadvantage linked to this procedure is that it does not offer the same weight loss as other, more invasive methods. There is the risk of regaining the weight that has been lost. A side effect of the procedure is vomiting. This occurs when you eat too much food too quickly. The band could slip out of position and may become loose. As with any type of surgery, infection is always a risk.

A gastric bypass combines both malabsorptive and restrictive methods. It can be performed as open or minimally invasive surgery. During the procedure, the stomach is divided into two sections, where the top section is sealed off from the lower. The upper stomach is directly connected to the lower part of the small intestine. This creates a shortcut for the food passage by bypassing a portion of the stomach and the small intestine. This means that fewer calories are absorbed by the body.

An advantage of this procedure is the fast weight loss. Negative health conditions brought on by excess weight often improve quite quickly. The procedure offers you excellent long-term results. A disadvantage is that you may suffer from nutritional deficiencies because your body is not able to absorb food. A risk of the procedure is if the food which enters your stomach goes into your intestines too rapidly. This could cause you to suffer from bloating and pain.

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