Choosing boardroom furniture

Getting the furniture right in your boardroom is really important. From time to time you will have to have important meetings or discussions with prospective clients and existing clients. It’s for this reason that it’s vital you give a good first impression, and you’ll only do this if you have the right boardroom furniture.

It’s important to always put prospective customers or clients at ease. Making them feel as if you are a reputable organisation that knows how to do business properly is essential. Because of this, holding a client meeting at your desk or in a communal room is totally out of the question. Important meetings have to be held in a boardroom around a boardroom table. Having the right boardroom table and using luxury chairs can make a big difference to how the room looks and how the people use it.

Boardroom tables should always be large enough to comfortably sit at least eight persons, with a few offering space for many more. They should also blend in with existing furniture, while still giving a sense of prosperity and opulence which shows off your company at its best.

To complement the boardroom table, boardroom chairs should be used which not only match the table style but also add something to the outlook of the room. Standard chairs, which offer no adjustment, are a no-go, as are chairs which might look good but offer no degree of comfort. If you have a browse online, you’ll often find something which matches the table and brings out the best from the room.

A boardroom table can be the focal point of an office, and so gives off the right impression instantly. It’ll be the place where your best and worst decisions are made and some of your best deals are closed, so it needs to shout out your company image.

Brian Williams writes regularly for Egan Reid regarding all of their various products and services including Boardroom Tables

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