Champion Luxurious: Omega Massage Chairs

Omega Massage has a complete line of full body massage chairs. They offer massage chairs starting at the entry level price of $1000 up to that luxury models just under $5000. Omega Massage chairs are known for their strength of massage, advanced technology and reliable long-term performance. Here is a quick overview of the Omega Massage chair line.

The Orion massage recliner is the entry level for the Omega line. This stylish whole body massage chair provides a range of different therapeutic options. It is the only model at this price point with full body massage capabilities.

The M2 massage chair has three different massage treatments for the back. It has kneading, swaying and rolling. The swaying is a particularly effective technique to loosen the larger muscles of the back.

There are three different massage programs of different durations and the M2 model. These automatic massage programs run the massage chair for a full body massage treatment. This enables the user to select a single program and enjoy a full body massage,

Some of the more impressive features of the M2 massage chair are its sway technique and its seat massage. The seat massage provides for deep penetration of the buttocks and thighs for relief. To loosen up your back effectively, use the unique sway massage of the Orion.

If we jump up to the midrange model, then we find the impressive Prestigio. The Prestigio 0M 510 massage recliner provides a deep penetrating back massage. The OM-510 is particularly well-suited to penetrate the lower back areas area.

The kneading massage is particularly well performed by the Prestigio massage recliner. It has the ability to penetrate deeply to provide thorough relief of tight muscles. The rollers are designed to penetrate the lower back effectively well.

The OM 510 comes with a compression massage system. This enables the whole body to receive relief. This system covers your feet with a reflexology massage. Relief is also given to the legs and buttocks with specially designed compression airbags.

The Montage Elite is a perennial favorite with its many therapeutic features. This high-end luxury massage recliner provides a complete massage environment. Select from the range of features including deep penetration massage, stretching, seat and even music therapy.

The Montage Elite massage chair comes with five automatic massage programs. These provide a variety of different massage programs to address a variety of needs. Some are program to be more invigorating while others are program to be more relaxing.

The Montage Premier is the high-end luxury model by Omega. This massage chair comes complete with all of the elements to provide for your total relaxation. Its full body capabilities will penetrate through tight sore muscles to provide relief. A range of therapeutic options are also available in addition to massage therapy.

Both the Montage Elite and the Montage Premier massage chairs are the most comprehensive massage chairs available on the market today. They provide a variety of treatment options and effective massage therapy. Both of these massage chairs will provide you with effective massage treatments for many years to come.

Omega Massage is the premier massage chair manufacturer. They offer the most effective and invigorating massage chairs available. All of their massage chairs provide a full body massage capability. Each of their chairs is backed by the best warranty without having to purchase an extended one. If you are looking for the best massage chair, then check out the Omega Massage chair line.

Find out more about one of the top brands for massage recliners, Omega Massage Chairs. You will find wonderful massage chairs delivering an effective massage everytime. Whether you are looking at an entry level chair or the high end luxury Montage Premier Massage Chair, Omega makes a massage chair for your needs.

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