Casting Calls for Actors and Actresses

Before I go into detail and tell you where to find auditions and casting calls for actors and actresses, I have to give you a warning. Getting in the entertainment industry is tough as nails and it is a harsh reality. You must have a strong desire and passion to by pass all this. If this doesn’t discourage you, then continue reading. Find auditions in your home town. Also check out some nickelodeon casting calls and auditions.

First, I suggest you beef up your resume a bit by participating in a theatre club at a university that is close. The best thing about these clubs is that people you’ll meet. You’ll also learn how to do industry standard things like have a monologue prepared that you will be able to whip out in a casting call or audition.

Taking some improv classes will help you think quickly and come up with lines on your toes. These things should beef up your resume a bit and provide some experience under your belt. Next you should write a cover letter and have that prepared along with your resume. Then take some professional headshot photos to include with your whole portfolio. With this beefed up version of your portfolio, you are sure to get more auditions and casting calls.

If modeling auditions in Chicago are your thing, check out this full list of jobs in your area. Another optional step is to find an agent to represent you. Agents are good because they can find jobs for you and only take bout 10% of your paycheck only if they found that job.

Agents can get costly if they take up a big chunk like 15%, but you can find companies that give you free auditions and casting calls without taking that huge fee. What I talked about in the beginning of the article to stay motivated and not give up will help you in the crusade. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you can make it a big star in Hollywood.

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