Cardio That Actually Gets You Results

Would you like to increase the health of your heart? Would you like to increase the rate at which you burn jiggly body fat? If so, taking your cardiovascular exercise to newer heights can be the key.

In essence, you should not be spending all day on a cardio machine!

After all, overdoing your cardio can break down your body again and again. So here is how to turn your regular cardio into caveman cardio:

1. Stick to treadmills: Compared to elliptical machines and stationary bikes, treadmills dominate when it comes to amount of fat burned per unit of time. It seems as though being in the upright position taxes the human body more so than other positions. Just make sure you don’t overdo it here or you could prevent your body from recovering.

2. Spice things up: Do the same type of cardio day in and day out and not only will you plateau physically, but also psychologically. To keep yourself from going insane and to keep your body from not responding, do different types of cardiovascular exercise in your workouts. Hoping from one machine to the next with minimal rest is a great way to accomplish this.

3. Lift the weights first: By lifting weights first, you will burn much more fat when you start doing cardio. And wouldn’t you like to maximize the amount of fat you are burning when pounding the treadmill? In addition, your body will secrete more fat incinerating hormones if you lift weights first.

4. Crank up the heat: Although this may sound like common sense, pushing yourself hard is the best way to get faster results. One approach here is to intersperse periods of all out effort with periods of medium effort. Doing so allows for a zig zag stimulus to your body which increases calories burned.

5. Stick with slow digesting carbs: Lots of athletes will have a muffin or sugar-laden serving of cereal before doing cardio. Unfortunately, this approach will leave you with subpar levels of energy. Instead, stick with sources of carbohydrates that digest slowly for optimal energy.

Implementing the above will make your cardiovascular training more effective. So don’t wait too long to apply what you have learned or you might forget everything!

Author Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and former brachioplasty sufferer, instructs on how to get rid of flabby arms. Unearth how to get sexy and toned arms by visiting her blog with advice on how to avoid a brachioplasty now!

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