Campbell Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dental medicine that deals with the appearance of the teeth. This branch encompassed a wide range of bleaching procedures, laser applications and dental implants, just to offer a few examples. The procedures are recommended by the Campbell dentist and often performed in his/her office. There are a few methods and teeth whitening products that can be tried at home. The results differ, depending on the patient and the chosen procedure. If you think that it’s time to change your teeth color to white, then you should consider cosmetic dentistry as well.

Many of the teeth whitening products that are recommend for at-home usage contain a bleaching agent known as peroxide. Cosmetic dentistry is a delicate matter and one should not try improving the teeth color without consulting a dentist first. Over-the-counter products present a series of risks, containing bleaching agents that are either too strong or have no effect at all. Any bleaching procedure should be supervised by the dentist, the recommended concentration of bleaching agents being of as little as 15% when it comes to whitening gels. The teeth color can definitely be improved using such methods but only at the recommendation of the dentist.

Laser bleaching is a procedure that can only be performed at the dentist, as opposed to other methods used to improve teeth color such as the application of whitening gel or strips. The dentist will first apply a special bleaching gel to the teeth and use the laser technology in order to put in motion the active ingredient. The enamel of the teeth will be penetrated by the laser light and the teeth will obtain a lighter shade in an instant. If you are wondering how long the procedure lasts, you should know that the duration depends entirely on how much are the teeth stained.

Having talked about the advantages of laser bleaching, it kind of makes to present the disadvantages, if there are any to mention. First of all, the procedure is quite expensive and not everyone can afford paying a high sum of money in order to remove teeth staining. Second, everyone will notice the sudden change and you might feel slightly embarrassed. You will have to decide if these are really disadvantages and if you really want to have your teeth whitened through laser bleaching. Think how much your teeth color matters and then take a decision that is based on the benefits of the chosen procedure.

Follow the advice of the Campbell dentist and stay away from smoking, drinking soft drinks, coffee or tea. Avoid red wine as it can also stain the teeth pretty badly. These are just few basic tips but you will see that they help a lot. Don’t delay going to the dentist and inquiring about teeth whitening procedures. Learn how to protect your teeth from harmful substances and be sure to remember that whitening your teeth will also keep you away from dental problems such as cavities.

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