Bizarre workplace injuries

The workplace can be an extremely dangerous place to be at times and accidents at work aren’t uncommon. In most workplaces the type of accidents and injuries which happen are almost always the same but sometimes accidents happen which lead to the most unusual of injuries. These injuries are bizarre not just because of them being completely unexpected but also because of the type of injury itself.

One instance of these bizarre injuries happened to a man from Derbyshire in the United Kingdom when he was shot while at work. The man’s job was to control wildlife levels at a countryside estate but while out with one of his colleagues on a hunt a miscommunication ended up with the man’s colleague accidentally shooting him with a shotgun. Despite the serious nature of the incident the man’s injuries were minor and he recovered fully.

Another example took place in America when two colleagues decided to mess around while on a break. With a make shift bat and ball they began playing a game of workplace baseball. The makeshift bat however happened to be a metal bar and when the batter accidentally let go of his bat his workmate couldn’t get out of the way quick enough. The metal bar struck the other worker in the face leaving him needing reconstructive surgery to his face.

Being a footballer is obviously a career where injuries are a major risk and strains, sprains and breaks happen on a fairly regular basis. Former Manchester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney suffered none of the above though when he dislocated his jaw part way through a match from shouting at his defenders who he wasn’t pleased with.

These bizarre injuries show that regardless of how much training is given or how many precautions are taken, accidents and unusual injuries can still happen. It might be as a result of a routine task gone wrong, a miscommunication or simply foolish behaviour but bizarre injuries can happen to anyone.

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