Best Hotels in Vero Beach by the Best Beaches in Florida

So you believe you know where the Best Beaches in Florida are located. Checkout the Hotels in Vero Beach before you design your Florida holiday on the Gulf side of the state. – Florida Vacations – On the East coast of Florida the water is more enjoyable and there are waves even though there is not a large amount of advertising, like the Gulf’s region does.

Then, of course, you have the Gulf beaches. The water can be pretty but it is a shallow mass of water which means it can get HOT. null In Naples it isn’t unusual for the water to be in the 90’s. That isn’t peachy for swimming and getting refreshed. Perchance for a soaking. Up at Panama City you will find the crowds again. If you would like several waves for surfriding and not just a pretty bath the Gulf of Mexico may not be the area to plan your holiday. – Vero Beach Resorts – To rate a beach the top based on advertising may not be precise even if the beaches are nice, it depends upon what you feel like. It all depends on what you want.

Our Vero Beach hotel is on the more peaceful part of the island. We are next to South Beach Park which is the city beach with the widest sand beach in the vicinity. We have lifeguards 7 days a week at this park and it is great if you have kids or are a little unsure with the ocean. Its nice to swim with someone looking over you. The park has vending machines, bathrooms, barbeque grills and volleyball courts on the sand. The beach area is divided from the grill area by boardwalks that go through the tropical growth.

The folks that have found out about this district come back year after year. Compared to the former locations mentioned this areas craziest weekends are like a tame mid-week day there. – Beaches in Florida – Here it is effortless to get some privacy on the beach. There a number of city beaches with lifeguards all within walking distance of hotels in Vero Beach and secluded beaches.

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