Becoming Environmentally Aware For You And The Earth

There’s no denying it. You have only yourself to blame for the current environmental state of our earth. Just to be clear, you contributed to the neglect and dilapidation of this environment.

Maybe you deny this, well, what about all the bottles you threw out, or the glass that you didn’t drop at the recycling depot, or even just the light bulb you forgot to turn off?

Unless you are a total caveman, living on scraps from animal remains and uncooked vegetables, you surely have contributed to Earth’s slow death. Now is the perfect time to set things right and make up for the destruction men have caused.

Even by turning all you electrical possessions off when you are not using them, you are reducing power consumption. Electronics, even when on standby, use quite a bit of electricity. And the best thing is that, not only does turning them off help the planet, but it is also cheaper for you.

Try to avoid using plastic straws. After they have been used, straws go directly to the dump, crowding landfills that have accumulated tons of once used plastic straws throughout the years.

Sometimes the oldies are the best, and this is true here too, you should adhere to the three Rs- reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reuse old newspapers for lining or cleaning, reduce the amount of plastic bags you use, and recycle glass. These are just some of the ways you can bring the three R’s to life.

In addition, make sure around the office you recycle any paper you have lying around. You could be in charge of this at your work.

There are still a lot of ways on how you can help Mother Nature heal and most of them are quite easy, actually. The trick here is to feel the effects of the climate change, the need for cleaner water and the responsibility to contribute to change.

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