Basics Regarding Organic Klamath Blue Green Alge

Klamath Lake is located in Oregon state, which is part of the United States of America. It is a shallow, large freshwater lake east of Cascade Range and in the south-central portion of the state. This is recognized as the biggest body of freshwater in Oregon because of its massive surface area. Organic Klamath blue green alge is sourced from this water and has become a popular topic in recent years, especially among those involved with the health world.

This lake produces a special type of blue green algae known as Aphonizomenon flos-aquae. It is similar to chlorella and spirulina, but has some notable differences. Many folks tout the health benefits of this algae.

Grown in most other places, aphanizomenon flos-aquae is considered toxic. However, that which is grown in Klamath Lake is known for being pure and free of these toxins. This makes it available for ingestion by humans and there is plenty of it that grows in this region.

Approximately thousands of kilograms of this are harvest from the lake on a yearly basis and sourced to clients in the supplement industry. During the summer, the algae growth is robust and the lake becomes green because of it. The native fish tend to die out because this sucks the oxygen out of the water.

There is a lot of information out there about the potentially powerful health benefits of this substance. However, there is not much solid evidence to support those claims. This algae is believed to suppress tumors, enhance immune systems and serve as a plant source of the B12 vitamin. Like all other algaes, it has high amounts of iron, phytonutrients and protein.

It also features a lot of phycocyanin. The algae is actually said to have higher amount of the compound than all other food sources. Spirulina is known for having approximately five percent of this, but the Klamath Lake algae has three times that at approximately 15 percent. Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant that forms in cyanobacteria. This is believed to reduce inflammation present in the body, as well as oxidative stress.

There is not evidence that can prove the claims made about the benefits of this and so it should be used cautiously. Very few studies have been done on this substance and so there are rightfully skeptics. It is suggested that persons speak with their doctor or a health care professional prior to incorporating this into their daily supplementation. This may work for some and not for others, but it may be best to start off with it in small doses.

This algae is widely available through health companies that sell natural supplements. Often times it comes in powdered form, which can be added to various juices and recipes. It might also come in the form of a pill mixed with other similar natural substances. This might be expensive, but cost will vary based on many factors, including the source. Purchasing organic is best, as it is less processed. Be sure to follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer and only purchase these types of goods from trusted, reputable stores.

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