Baby And Eczema – Natural Treatments For Your Baby

Baby and Eczema mentioned in the same sentence is a tricky thing for parents. Particularly when there’s so much info out there telling you this is the easiest way to help diminish the discomfort and agony your baby is suffering.

In this post I want to blow the lid of modern medication and help you with natural cures to help your baby and eczema discomforts finally get real relief!

Commonest mistakes manufactured by elders are by using medications that only suppress the baby’s eczema. These medications don’t battle the underlying cause of eczema, therefore, the baby eczema won’t go. Prescribed medicines can be really sensitive to the baby’s skin and might even complicate matters. We all know that baby’s should avoid taking any medicine as much as feasible. That is why it’s best to treat baby and eczema with natural remedy only .

Now, to start with baby and eczema natural treatment, you have to first check the diet of your baby and define if the food your baby is eating is the one causing the skin allergies and irritation. The best thing about knowing this is that when you eliminate the food from the diet, the eczema will clear up in a matter of a couple of days. According to research, here are some foods that may cause eczema in your baby : cow dairy which includes milk, yogurt and cheese, wheat, citrus, peanuts and peanut butter, berries and fish.

The next natural remedy is to avoid any antigens on your baby’s clothing, soap, shampoo, lotions and by ensuring the air in your place is clean and freed from dust. For baby clothing, use cotton material as much as humanly possible. For soaps and shampoos, avoid scented ones. Only use lotions with organic ingredients to make certain it does not irritate the skin of your baby more . You can use air cleaners in your home to make certain there’s no dust in the air that your baby can breathe in. When it comes to nappies, fabric diapers are always the best but awkward. However , if your baby is afflicted by eczema in that area, switch to fabric diapers immediately.

Another baby and eczema natural treatment is by using unrefined olive oil chamomile tea and sea salt when bathing your baby. Many parents have also gave evidence to the usefulness of these elements when used to bath babies with eczema. Simply mix them in warmed up water and bath your baby. You need to use calendula cream and Aloe Vera on your baby’s skin after the bath to make the skin moisturized and feeling fresh. Further, never forget to boost your baby’s immunity mechanism by making your baby breathe clean air daily, this is another particularly impressive baby and eczema natural remedy to handle and cure baby eczema.

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