Auto Auctions: Get A New Or Used Car For A Fraction Of The Cost

People looking for inexpensive vehicles usually attend car auctions. Aside from the price, the extensive variety of cars available is another benefit car auction goers enjoy. The cars sold at auctions come from different sources. These can be from private individuals who simply want to sell their old vehicles, or from companies that want to dispose of repossessed vehicles. Sometimes the government can also stage these auctions. Those who participate in these auctions can get used or even new vehicles. Vehicles which are graded 9 or S in Japan car auctions for example, are extremely sought after because they only have delivery mileage. Like any auction, the car will be sold off to the highest bidder.

Car auctions can either be open or closed. Anyone can participate in open auctions as long as they can show proof that they have the financial resources to purchase the car in the event of winning the bid. Other events are more exclusive in nature and require that you present a formal invitation to participate. This is to maintain a more orderly auctioning process with only professionals or dealerships participating in the bids.

Car auctions also happen in other countries and there are no fixed regulations as to the process or requisites. In car auctions in Japan for instance, participants need to be a holder of an auction membership. Japan imposed a legal restriction which stipulates that only dealerships are allowed to hold such membership. Japan car auctions are extremely popular among car enthusiasts because of the rare and feature-rich cars that are usually sold in these events.

Bidders should know that cars listed for auction are sold as is. Pre-auction inspection is usually allowed, but there are also instances when it isn’t. One thing is for certain though, you can’t test drive a car which is listed for auction. There is neither return policy nor extended warranties for cars sold at auction. Hence you should examine your risk profile beforehand.

Before you participate in car auctions in Japan or in any other country for that matter, make sure that you will be bidding for a car that is importable. Remember that if you win the bid, you will be required to purchase it, importable or not. Therefore, you should do your homework before hand if the car you wish to import adheres to roadworthiness standards which are in place in your home country.

Get rare, feature-rich cars from car auctions Japan. Most Japan-manufactured cars already come with features which are considered extras in your country. Click here to find out more about Japan car auctions.

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