Arthritis Treatment Michigan Surgery Or Home Remedies

Once diagnosed, arthritis treatment Michigan will be dependent on the type, its location, the severity and its persistence. Each plan should be customized for the person. It could be home remedies, nonprescription or prescription medications, or surgery. Weight reduction or avoiding activities putting stress on the joints can also be included in the treatment plan. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with this condition.

Topical hot/cold creams and patches are readily available and can sometimes produce relief from pain. There are also drinks and supplements that claim to rebuild the tissue around joints. Non-prescription anti-inflammatory pills are also available.

Some other home remedies are soaking the hands in warm water or dipping them in melted wax. There are exercises to increase the range of motion. Plus there are gloves that people can wear to bed or during the day to relieve the pain and keep their hands warm.

An over the counter pain relief medication is also useful. There are hot/cold creams that are applied topically and there are NSAIDs, nonsterodial anti-inflammatory drugs. Both can reduce the pain in joints.

Patients who have severe or unresponsive cases qualify for surgery to relieve pain, correct deformity and improve joint function. Bone-removal to realign a deformity usually occurs in those with knee issues. Sometimes the best solution is to replace an entire joint, such as the knee, hip, or hand joints. This surgery often brings about remarkable reductions in pain and improves the persons function.

Sometimes the solution is very simple. Arthritis treatment Michigan can be to lose weight, even a small amount will make a difference. It could also be to partake in low/no impact exercise. Any kind of exercise can help to alleviate the pain. Read more about: arthritis treatment michigan

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