Are You Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success?–It’s Time To Reveal The Not One But Two Primary Causes Why You Fail

Have you ever failed repeatedly at weight loss? You try and try and the weight always comes back! That’s because there are things you don’t know about your body, your mind and how they need to work together.

What causes you to burn fat or not is a protein called Leptin. The level of Leptin in your body tells the brain whether your body should store fat or reduce fat. Low Leptin levels can slow or maybe stop your metabolism, lower thyroid hormone levels, increase fat storing hormones and increase your appetite or cravings. So, when you skip a meal or undereat, it may seem that you’re going to lose a few pounds, but really you’re putting your body into a fat storage mode. So, the vital thing you should know is the fact that nutrition (eating the appropriate foods in the right quantities at the proper intervals) is the main key for you to lose those pounds. If you are able to master how nutrition works, you’re three-fourths of the way toward defeating your weight loss problems.

So, how can you eat enough without adding more pounds to your person? Begin thinking that the size of your fist is what a portion is. When you make yourself a meal, give yourself:

* One portion of protein the size of your fist.

* One portion of carbs the size of your fist.

* All the vegetables you would like (a variety of different colored vegetables is preferred)

Use this as your guide for your regular meals. The vegetables should fill you up. If you get hungry in between meals, always have on hand a low calorie meal replacement bar or shake.

Other sabotaging factors are unconcious behaviors and patterns. Some of these are:

* Self-defeating thoughts like, “Hey, I deserve that piece of cake!”

* Reaching for fattening comfort foods when under stress.

* Allowing friends to convince that your diet wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Learning to conquer unconcious behaviors and patterns is absolutely necessary in order to win at losing those unwanted pounds. Otherwise, it is like trying to win a speed boat race while still tied to the dock. The ropes that hold you back must be untied if you want achieve your weight loss goals.

It has always been education that determines how much you can achieve. What you haven’t yet learned will be what stops you cold in your battle with weight. You must not allow that to happen to you when it comes to your battle with fat. Continue to learn and seek out the information that will free you. Only a few things have I mentioned here, but there is so much more that you really need to know.

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