Are you coping with anxiety?

Anxiety has become a part of our everyday life that we have to learn how to deal with. The factors that cause the disorder and how we cope with anxiety may differ from case to case. A support system from friends and family along with proper treatment will help a person deal with anxiety, cope with and eventually release oneself from the concerns one faces.

There are, mainly, two types of anxiety. One type is the one that can be easily treated or managed. This can be overcome by yourself or it can be dealt with through the constant support of those who care for you. A second type of anxiety takes a more serious tone. This type of anxiety makes your life more difficult and finding out what the underlying causes will help you when coping with Anxiety.

External factors may cause your anxiety. Past experiences that have bad implications on your life may be the cause of your anxiety. Even those experiences that we do not see as important to us may have made an impact when we were younger and caused significant anxiety in our life today.

There have been ongoing studies on people who experience anxiety but have not experienced any traumatic events in their lives. Some say that people who experience anxiety disorders may have chemical imbalances in their brains causing the improper registration of neuro chemicals. This is not a proven fact; however results on a 2005 study proved that it is indeed possible to undergo a normal blood test to discover what chemicals are present in the brain and which can cause anxiety.

What are the Symptoms of Anxiety ?

Prolific sweating, ‘lump in the throat’, palpitations, twitching, dry mouth, chest pain and shortness of breath or wheezing are the common symptoms one may encounter. However these conditions may be brought about by other factors not related to anxiety such as medication and other psychological issues you are facing.

How to get Treatment for Anxiety?

Just like Toastmasters International, there are different groups that can help you when coping with anxiety disorder. If you feel that the anxiety you are experiencing has taken its toll on you, you must take charge and get help. An experienced psychologist will help you determine and diagnose your condition. The psychologist will determine what factors or issues have been causing your anxiety and recommend a course of action and treatment to best suit your needs.

Different methods include journaling, therapy, group sessions or medication. The most common type of therapy used is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy helps you control your anxiety by determining the cause and dealing with it. Common medication, although prescribed less nowadays are anxiolytics such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and tricyclic anti-depressants. With the varied treatment options, over 90% of patients recover and get their lives back on track.

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