An Extensive South Beach Smoke Review – A Long Time Smoker

Finding a way to enjoy the taste and the effects of nicotine without the bad breath, stained teeth, and bad-smelling clothes and hair is now available through South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke is a battery operated device that can be recharged. They produce a vapor that is tar-free, and has a better taste than the traditional cigarette. An extensive South Beach Smoke review from a long time smoker claims that with its ability to alter the levels of nicotine, as well as the good taste, they are happy to make the switch. It is smooth, easy to use, and can be used almost anywhere. South Beach Smoke also offers a wonderful Home Delivery Program which not only provides customers who enroll discounts throughout the year, but also allows customers to receive refills as frequently as they wish.

To simulate a real cigarette, the e-cig has an LED light at the tip. A cartridge resides in the mouth piece containing flavor and nicotine. Inhaling through the cartridge causes the heating element to turn on vaporizing the nicotine solution.

The benefits of this type of cigarette are that they are a better alternative to smoking, and they do not contain tobacco or tar. There is no ash, no smoke, and the vapor quickly dissipates so it does not have a smell. It saves money because the refills are much more inexpensive than traditional cigarettes. They satisfy the craving for a smoke, and deliver the physical sensation that smoking provides. E cigarettes will not stain your teeth. They do not emit second hand smoke so they can be used in places that prohibit smoking. Smokers can choose a flavor and strength of nicotine ranging from no nicotine to higher levels. There are no butts to dispose of creating less litter, and they will not cause wildfires. They are considered to be environmentally friendly and green.

The burning of tobacco releases about 4,000 chemicals, forty of which are known carcinogens. The heart rate is increased putting people at risk who have heart conditions and high blood pressure by smoking. Tar adds the risk of contracting lung disease, and increased bone density loss. Tobacco can also cause fertility problems in men and women. The life span of a smoker is decreased by 10 years on average. With all this said, South Beach offers a chemical free alternative because it does not contain tobacco. The electronic cigarette is very realistic. Many smokers who have a 1 to 2 pack habit a day report that switching over to e-cigarettes tastes, feels, and looks like tobacco, and delivers instant nicotine satisfaction.

The e-cig is a good alternative at establishments that prohibit smoking. Smokers should check with the proprietor first to ensure they are permitted as sometimes the look of a cigarette alone is not appropriate. Electronic cigarettes are not intended to aid in helping one to stop smoking, but they deliver less nicotine at a slower absorption rate.

Although there are flavors available such as fruit, vanilla, and chocolate it does not mean that the e-cig is targeted to children. Each cartridge is equivalent to 1 to 1 1/2 packs of traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette can be enjoyed on some planes, and just about anywhere.

A smokeless cigarette that can satisfy the nicotine craving, is literally self-contained, and does not pose any harm to those around is a great invention. Smokers do not have to worry about burning holes from falling ashes, or even needing an ashtray. The mess of smoking is completely eliminated, and the cost is nearly half of what conventional cigarettes cost.

An extensive South Beach Smoke review from a long time smoker feels they are one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. They eliminate second-hand smoke while providing a chemical free alternative to traditional tobacco. South Beach Smoke offers a high quality e-cig that also tastes great.

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