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Airbrush Tan

Check out all the leathery old folks out there! Now, how do you suppose they got this way? Could it have been caused by the powerful glow of the moon? I don’t think so. These folks are most likely sun bunnies. Those Caucasians who crave darker skin. Are you destined to be a leathery old man or woman as well? Hey, if you sun bathe on a daily basis, I’m thinking you are. It’s inevitable. The harmful UV rays from the sun will darken your skin and weather it like it’s no joke. We’ve known this for years now. That’s why new-age methods of tanning have come about. Not tanning beds! Those are worse than the real sun. I was thinking more along the lines of an airbrush tan. This is the glow of the future.

Remember self-tanner? It probably wasn’t the greatest invention of the 20th century, but it had good intentions behind it. Once we knew how bad the sun was for our delicate skin, scientists were scrambling to come up with an alternative. Hence the numerous brands of self-tanning products. I tried this stuff back in high school. Folks stared in jealous awe at the orange streaks running up and down my legs. I was officially a god. Uh, yeah right. But, many of my peers did point and laugh at my ridiculous fake bake. Who could blame them? Then later down the road, something new came about. It was called the airbrush tan. Unfortunately it didn’t show up until after the new millennium, but better late than never. Folks were suddenly indulging in the innovative safe way to tan. With the airbrush tan, you simply hop in a booth and get misted by tanning solution. It should leave a nice even glow, without any streaking. If you’ve yet to test out this method, I suggest you get on it.

Why the new airbrush tan? Well DUH! We obviously can’t continue being a bunch of sun bunnies. This is not healthy for two reasons. One, it causes cancer; and two; it causes premature aging of the skin. Nothing will age your face faster than the sun. Fortunately for everyone who loves to have that rich glowing tan year-round, they can now get it the safe way via the airbrush tan. Even all you folks who don’t tan due to the negative consequences, you can still give this safe method a shot. At least during the summer months.

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