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I want to show you how the power of podcasting can help you build a relationship with your audience, and position you as an expert.

While there are many people who still do it just for fun, many others have moved to the next level in order to be able to compete in international tournaments. If you’re considering improving your fishing skills, then you definitely need to take care of many aspects. Although most fishing types rely mostly on the same factors, catfishing does have an extra side that you should be looking at.

If you’ve already started with catfishing, then there is no need to tell you how much fun this hobby is. However, if you are considering it seriously, then you should know that there are some factors that you need to consider in order to ensure the maximum catfish catch.

The catfishing mindset: Every angler should have the patience needed to accomplish any fishing task. If you are not, then you might consider another hobby or sport to practice., but if you do have patience; then there is a very good chance that you’ll progress rapidly and develop exceptional skills in no time. When you become well-trained, then there is no need to wait for your catfish anymore.

The right catfishing techniques: There are countless of methods that you can use to catch catfish. However, very few of them will suit your needs, skills and of course style. As many anglers try to tell you which technique is more effective than the other, I personally see that it’s a matter of personal preference. If you try a few methods and only one of them assures you the maximum catch, then there is no need to go after the other ones.

Dave Gardner is a hockey fan and has always wanted to be a hockey announcer. He purchased a small portable recorder and started going to the games and doing play by play into the recorder, and releasing the audio as the “Rat Cast”. This helped promote his local team, and the following year the AIHL hockey league asked Dan to do a podcast about the entire league. Dan has been asked to cover different games in different locations, and expanded his skills to include doing live web coverage of the games. When the league announced that the finals would be on ESPN, they needed a color commentator Dan was their “go to guy” to climb into the ESPN booth and call the game live.

If you manage to take care of these three factors, then you’ll be catching as many catfish as your bucket can handle easily. If you are considering going for the big hunt, make sure to bring a friend with you as things might go messy sometimes.

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