Access To Abortion Cleveland Will Be Hindered By New Ohio Law

Currently there are multiple sources for abortion Cleveland. This may be changing in the near future. Governor John Kasich recently signed into Ohio state law House Bill 78 which severely restricts women’s ability to choose. The Republican controlled Ohio House of Representatives and Senate had both quickly passed the legislation, considered among the most restrictive in the United States.

Ninety days from the signing date of July twentieth the new law takes effect. Come the middle of October the women of Ohio will find their choices reduced. The new law bans abortions after twenty four weeks. It also requires tests to check for fetus viability outside the womb after twenty weeks. Currently the testing requirements aren’t known. There are no exceptions in the law for cases of incest or rape.

Many clinics in northern Ohio now offer women privacy and reasonably priced reproductive options. The new law will have an intrusive effect on patients’ privacy. This is a form of governmental intrusion in medical decision making.

The cost of abortion will go up due to the new testing requirements. State law already makes it illegal for the operation to be performed at any publicly financed clinic or hospital in Ohio. Nor can any public funds can be used to pay for the procedure at any other location.

Additional legislation is currently pending in the Ohio legislature. One proposal, likely to become law, would prohibit termination of any pregnancy where a fetal heartbeat is detectable. If passed, this would make abortion essentially illegal in Cleveland and the rest of the state. Most women aren’t even aware they are pregnant when a heartbeat becomes noticeable.

Ohio is attempting to make abortion Cleveland less available. The Republican controlled state government is determined to make the choice illegal. They cry foul over the federal government health care law while at the same time they intrude into the privacy of women.

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