A Worthy Tip For You If You’re On A Diet

There’s nothing worse than staying overweight despite all the weight-loss programs I got myself into. It’s been years now since I first noticed the unwanted pounds and recently I began writing about it through my very own blog about losing weight. The idea came from something I’ve read, telling that I could benefit from creating a weight-loss journal.

I tried it because I can’t think of any other motivation to make me win the battle of the bulge. Plus, it wouldn’t do me harm anyway. In fact, the worst that could happen is that I would skip being in front of the TV just to scribble what’s running on my mind.

What I like about blogging is that it plays a role in my weight loss efforts by helping me keep track of my workout and diet regimen. It also makes me be sincere to my cause because I have to write down all that’s happening – even if that includes confessing that I went binging on junk food.

Since the idea of writing a blog gives me the impression that I’m being watched by the whole world, it gives me this odd feeling that I’m responsible for my actions. Thus, my progress became consistent and I’m documenting it through my blog.

Suddenly, things begin to fall into place, thanks to my improved habits in dieting and working out. It may have been two months before the changes start to occur, but noticeable decrease of my waistline is sure worth the wait.

I can’t deny that in one way or another, my weight blog influenced the results to be just how I wanted it. Not only that, it also made me happy to know that my blog is starting to gain a following and they are behind my back.

But it doesn’t end there. Tell you what, a month after I started, I got paid for writing blog entries about my weight loss. Simply put, earning money while blogging is not a bad idea at all.

That means while I’m doing my health a favor by losing weight, I also get compensated $20 monthly for composing reviews about various foods and diets I have tested myself as well as how-to articles on weight loss.

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