6 Things To Stay Away From When Eating Out So You Can Stay In Shape

Dining out can singlehandedly make you gain a lot of weight. There are simply too many hidden calories in restaurant foods.

To make matters worse, many people assume that “healthy food items” at restaurants are actually healthy.

So here are 6 things to stay away from when eating out:

1. The fattest cuts of meat: Fatty meat will be loaded with calories because of its saturated fat content. And keep in mind that animal saturated fat is the worst type of saturated fat for you. So make sure you select only lean cuts of meat.

2. Anything that is fried: Frying something can make molecules very unstable. Even worse, the oil exposed to the high heat can become rancid, thus making it worse than trans fats. The bottom line is that you should stay away from anything that is deep fried.

3. Heaping salads: Salads with heaping quantities of condiments and other types of toppings can be extremely unhealthy for you. You see, the toppings can contain a lot of saturated fat, carbs and sugar. And all of these are not good for you.

4. Massive loaves of bread: Eating a massive loaf of bread right before you begin your actual meal is not a good idea here. You see, the bread will not only digest very quickly, but it will also have many calories. So stay away from bread when eating out.

5. Eating the entire main course: Eating an entire main course can load your system with an entire days worth of calories. In fact, a great strategy here is to get half of your meal to go before you begin eating it. This will prevent you from eating excessive calories in one sitting.

6. Any type of liquid calories: Any time you drink calories, whether it be soda or juice, you are spiking your blood sugar and insulin. So do your best to stay away from any type of liquid calories and have water instead for the best results.

Eating at a restaurant doesn’t have to be a dieting death sentence. Just make sure you are following the above tips to minimize the damage!

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