5 Suggested Methods for Shedding Pounds Naturally

You’re probably tired of reading more fat loss tips. Combine all of the “ten tips to lose the belly fat” you’ve come across on the internet, magazines or newspapers and they’ll certainly have reached more than a thousand. What else is new?

Everything is. New research continues to shed light on how best to win the battle of the belly bulge. If you’re serious about ways to lose weight, you’ve got to feed yourself with more information about the subject. And don’t be surprised if most tips keep recurring. These are the most fundamental yet often the most neglected or ignored ways.

If you’ve been getting lazy lately, it’s time to get back on the treadmill and lose the flab with these five new tips:

1. Be realistic and reasonable. Thinking of losing five pounds a week is not healthy, losing one to two pounds is. This is what is going to set you apart from fad dieters who succumb to yo-yo dieting with their wrong approach to weight loss. Losing a pound a week or four pounds a month is easily achievable and healthy. And because you are not going to be starving yourself to death, you are going to want to continue with your weight loss regimen for the long-term.

2. Don’t sabotage your own efforts by always having a battle plan. Accept the fact that you are going to have cravings, are going to be bored with eating greens and are going to be made fun of by family, friends and co-workers who do not believe in your sincere efforts to lose weight. Having pre-sliced fruit pieces in the ref or dried fruit or trail mixes in your bag will beat the cravings while learning to cook healthy and interesting recipes will prevent you from having to eat only one type of diet food. Take snide remarks in stride, comforting yourself in the fact that you, not they will benefit from your weight loss efforts.

3. Don’t rely on so-called diet food on boxes or bottles. Companies will always tell you what you like to read– that their food is “fat-free,” “low fat” or “sugar-free.” Look at the label more closely. If there are hidden or artificial sugars, trans fats and added calories, ditch them. You’re better off filling your fridge with fruits and vegetables.

4. Practice losing weight. Many dieters fail because they think that they will get everything right the first time. Accept the fact that you will fail. You will cheat once, twice, many times. But the key is to keep on practicing, to keep on dedicating yourself back to your fat loss goals every time you fail. Don’t weigh yourself every week. Rather, set an appointment with your bathroom scale once a month so you give yourself sufficient time to let your weight loss regimen take effect.

5. Don’t focus only on dietary changes but on lifestyle changes as well. It’s not sustainable to concentrate on food reduction alone. If you exercise, get enough sleep and manage your stress, you’ll certainly remain fat-free for life.

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